Baby Ester Basket Ideas!

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Today I have decided to write a little post showing you the easter basket I have compiled for Jackson's first easter. This is a tradition that I have decided to follow for my children, it is a fun way to celebrate easter with a little less chocolate.

I have included some fun, practical and yummy things in Jackson's basket. My favourite thing I have included is a little 'my first easter' outfit (this is something you'll have to see on my Instagram on Easter Sunday). There is also a cute pair of costume bunny ears in there too.

I have been collecting the 'That's not my' books for Jackson so when I saw this bunny one I just couldn't resist picking it up. 

We have been doing baby-led weaning with Jackson since he turned six months old (he is now 11 months) and he is such a great eater. He loves snacking so much especially on the Organix range, he is actually yet to try these cheese & lentil puffs. To go alongside the Organix puffs I saw this snack pot when we were grocery shopping a few weeks back and wanted to try it out. It is designed to be non-spill using little silicone spikes to trap the food in but allowing your little one to get their hand in and out of it, I have seen lots of people using these on Instagram so I am hoping it will work for us too. 

Last but not least I decided to include a small white chocolate egg as it wouldn't be Easter without an Easter egg! I don't plan on letting Jackson eat it all in one sitting however a little chocolate won't do him any harm! 

The basket itself was an Easter basket I picked up from a BX on a US Airforce base here in the UK. If you don't already know we are a military family I'm British and my better half, Cole is American. With the current lockdown situation in the UK, you can't just pop to the shops so I had a look on Amazon and there are some Easter baskets available there. You could also use an Easter-themed gift bag or a regular basket you have at home.

I am so excited to not only give Jackson his basket but to also come up with different ideas on what to include over the years!

Do you make Easter baskets for your children? let me know in the comments! Also, don't forget to check out my Instagram @chloedanielleandco I would love for you to come and join in on the fun.

Stay Safe.


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