Tips To Financially Prepare For Christmas + FREE Printable!

Hello Loves!

It is no secret that Christmas will soon be upon us! If you are anything like me, you love Christmas but secretly it leaves you with a little dread and a whole lot of stress! I vow to myself every year that I will be an organised queen and have all my presents bought and wrapped early. In reality, this never really happens. With it being Jacksons first Christmas I want it to be as stress-free as possible so I am able to fully enjoy, yet another first with my baby boy. 

1: Stop the unnecessary spending.
We are all guilty of this, but if you want to save as much as possible for Christmas you'll have to be strict with yourself! Instead of your daily trip to Starbucks purchase a yummy coffee syrup and make your coffee at home. Our favourite syrups for coffee are the  Jordans Skinny Syrups, my favourite flavour is the Chocolate Hazelnut they have so many different flavours. Other things you could save on are things like nails, instead of a trip to the salon create a cosy at-home spa and do them yourself!

2: Create a list of people you need to buy for.
Writing a list of all the people to buy for and what you want to get for said people is such big help! Not only does it help you stay organised and keep track of what you've bought and still need to buy but it also will help you stick to a budget. I always find having a list in front of me keeps me grounded when buying presents, or anything really! I have actually made a FREE Printable for you guys to make writing your list a little easier. Simply right-click and save to your computer or hold and save on your mobile.

3: Install the pouch extension to your browser.
This is one that I never thought of doing until seeing an add on Youtube! Pouch is a browser extension that searches and tries all voucher codes on the internet. It is completely free and easy to use as It automatically tries the codes for you at checkout. So if there is a code to save you money or get you free delivery, It'll find it!

4: Don't be afraid to get thrifty!
If you are a creative person you could make a gift for loved ones which can be much kinder to your bank balance. Alternatively, you can visit Charity shops I always hated the thought of charity shops until I saw some of the amazing finds my sister came across! People don't just donate second-hand junk to charity shops if you dig deep enough you can find perfect condition items or even brant new with tag items too! Pop into your local charity shops and have a rummage, you might be surprised as to what you might find!

TO SAVE: Simply right-click to save to your desktop or press and hold to save to your phone!

What do you do in order to financially prepare for Christmas?



  1. One way to save money for the holidays is to create a "sinking fund". This is when you set aside a certain amount of money each month, to save up to your overall holiday budget limit. Depending on what you budget for the holidays, you might save ten, twenty, or thirty dollars every week of the year so that you'll have enough money when the holidays roll around.

    1. Oh what a great idea! I will have to give this a go next year It'll definitely make saving more manageable! Thank you for sharing!

      Chloe x

  2. Yes to all of these! I'm working hard to save right now after overspending quite a bit in the last few months so I'm looking forward to putting money aside for gifts and for others. Thanks for sharing!

    My Lovelier Days

    1. You and me both girl! We are for sure going to start saving earlier next year to eliminate the stress lol! Thanks for reading!

      Chloe x


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