November To-do List

Hello Loves!

Now that 2019 is starting to come to an end, I have been thinking a lot about what I wanted to achieve by the end of the year and also how I wanted to enter 2020. Over the past couple of months, my mindset has completely changed. I have gone from being totally unmotivated with blogging and feeling helpless with Instagram because engagement is so low, to falling in love with my blog again, finding the motivation I needed to create good content. As for Instagram, I have stopped caring so much about the stats and concentrating more on the content I put out. Slowly my engagement is increasing and I couldn't be happier! 

1: FINALLY unpack those last two boxes.
Now I don't know about you guys but, when I move house there is always one or two boxes which seem to be abandoned. You know the ones, the ones that are filled with shit that doesn't really have a place to live. Well, I currently have two of those boxes I am determined to get them sorted out and out away ASAP!

2: Try to find a dining table 
This is one that I am starting to worry about slightly. If you didn't already know, Cole and I moved from a tiny 2-bed furnished house to a 4-bed unfurnished house. As you can imagine we had LOTS of furniture to purchase including two new beds, mattresses and a sofa! So it is safe to say we are pretty skint. I have been looking on places such as Facebook Markey Place & Gumtree of a cheap 'it'll d for now' table with it being Jacksons first Christmas I just want it to be perfect (over baring mum alert!). 

3: Continue creating blog content I enjoy
I briefly spoke about this on another post, I got into a little bit of a blogging funk a while back. I created Chloe Danielle back in 2015 and I heavily focused on beauty. Although I love beauty as much as I did before, I just no longer enjoyed writing about it. Before I became pregnant I was too 'scared' I suppose to take my blog in another direction hence why I didn't post on here for almost an entire year! Thankfully I have made that transition and am loving blogging and creating content again hence why I want to continue creating the content I love!

4: Work on making my Instagram look more fluid 
I have always sucked at creating and sticking with themes on Instagram. I personally am more drawn to peoples Instas when they have somewhat of a theme, or flow say to speak. Currently, my Instagram has a warm/orange hue to it since It is Autumn after all and I have actually been doing a pretty decent job of sticking to it. I am planning on changing my theme to coincide with the season changes. 

5: Start Planning Christmas!!
I actually wanted to start prepping for Christmas before now. However, with the move, I wasn't able to. I am hoping to get as prepared as possible this month in order to be as stress-free as possible during December! I have so many ideas flying around in my head of things I want to do, especially as this is Jacksons first Christmas! Hopefully, I can achieve them all!!

Is there anything, in particular, you want to achieve this month?



  1. It's nice to hear that you've fallen back in love with blogging, and that you've taken a more relaxed approach to Instagram! I'm doing the same and feel so much better about my content. I can't wait to plan for Christmas either! xx

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Thank you so much, Having a more relaxed approach to Instagram is definitely the way to go! -xo

  2. I'm also looking for a dining room table! Who knew there were so many options. I've been slightly working on my IG feed, but not giving it too much though, it frustrates me so much!

    Ashlee |

    1. Tell me about it, I have spent HOURS searching and found nothing as of yet! I agree Instagram can be very frustrating!-xo

  3. I need to start planning for Christmas too! I would also like to loose some weight before Christmas, so trying to get down to the gym 3-4 times a week!

    Zoey |

  4. Lovely to-do list! It's so nice to hear that you're enjoying blogging again! I often go through phases where I feel a bit uninspired with it myself so having a refresh of content definitely helps! x


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