October To-Do List

Hello Loves!

I am so excited that we are now in Autumn, Autumn is for sure one of my favourite seasons! October is going to be a rather busy month for us as a family as we are moving house! This month is going to be filled with boxes and furniture deliveries! If you don't already you can head on over to my Instagram and give me a follow as I will be sharing the majority of my move on my stories!

1 // Get Everything Unpacked!
Since we are moving house a lot of my to-dos and goals are house-related, I am one of those people who when they move they literally cannot stand all of the boxes being everywhere. Although it is very likely I'll have everything unpacked in a couple of days, I've never actually moved house with a baby so things might take a little longer than usual (hopefully not though!).

2 // Compile A list of blog posts
It is no secret that I have been struggling with blogging for a while now, I think my biggest issue is my lack of inspiration. Lack of inspiration then quickly turns into a lack of motivation. I want to try and compile a list of post ideas for me to create over the next couple of months to try and get myself out of this funk. I don't love blogging any less than I used to, I just need to work on that motivation!

3 // Stay Calm
I have been so stressed over the past month, which is all to do with the move. Cole and I had been looking for a new house for a couple of months. The house that we are moving into is actually one we viewed more than once. On the second time of viewing it, we decided to just take it! It was a very quick decision which left me feeling overwhelmed. Over the course of September, I spent the entire month stressing about furniture getting things booked to be delivered etc. I want to make it my goal this month to stay calm and just enjoy the fact we are moving into our first family home!

4 // Visit A Pumpkin Patch 
Although this month is pretty busy and hands-on for us, I really want to take the time to visit a Pumpkin Patch as it is Jacksons first Halloween. It is something I want to be a tradition within our family and let's face it, pumpkin patches means cute photo opportunities! I already have Jackson's outfit ready, we are actually planning on going the Saturday after we officially move in!

5 // Halloween D.I.Y
Pinterest is one of my favourite apps ever, I spend so much time looking at homeware, fashion, makeup and also seasonal related things. I have seen a couple of Halloween D.I.Ys on Pinterest that I am dying to do with Jackson especially since it is his first Halloween I want to create some keepsakes to look back on. 

What is on your October to-do list?



  1. I have a list of fall things to do as well! It's finally cooling down here, so I may be able to get started on it!

    Ashlee | https://www.maybeafterbrunch.com

    1. There is nothing better than writing a to-do list! Hopefully you can check everything off!

      Chloe -xo


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