September To-Do List

Hello Loves!

September is finally here and I couldn't be any happier about it! Although I do love summer, there is just something about Autumn that I cannot get enough of. Perhaps its the cosy sweaters and nights in-front of the tv with a hot choc; Not to mention that Christmas is just around the corner! Yup I said it CHRISTMAS!!!  I digress...August for me wasn't as productive as I would have liked although we did manage to finally find a house!! We move in a little over a month and I cannot wait!

1. Start Packing The House
As I mentioned in my intro we are moving house in October. Our official move date is 14 October. I am wanting to get as much packing as I can done throughout September leaving only the necessities out to pack later on. Moving house can be such a stressful process especially with a 4m old so I want to try and lessen the stress as much as I possibly can by packing in advance. Although Cole will help as much as he can, the airforce currently have him on a crazy schedule so I will be doing most of the packing myself, making early packing pretty much essential!

2. Get All Of My Ducks In A Row
Another thing I want to get sorted for the move is the cleaners etc. I am wanting to book the carpet cleaners and end of tenancy cleaners in advance to ensure we have the best possible team booked. Our letting agents specialise in housing those who are in the US Airforce meaning the requirements for the houses they manage are of a much higher standard. By having them booked in advance we don't have to worry about it when moving day rolls around. All we will have to worry about is being here to let them in the day after we have moved! 

3. Write A List Of What Is Needed
We have quite literally an entire house to buy for! We currently live in a tiny 2 bed terraced house which is also furnished so the big items such as a bed & couch we don't have! Not only do we need to buy basic everyday furniture but we are also moving into a house that is 3x the size of the one we are in now. I have actually started a list of what items we need but there is still so much unaccounted for! 

4. Continue To Workout 
I have been doing much better with working out recently. I'm still not being as consistent as I would like so I want to really work on that this month. I have noticed such a difference in my mood and overall wellbeing since working out and eating healthier. Cole and I actually had a takeaway this weekend and it left us feeling shit! 

5. Take Time For Me
This is something that I always forget to do. Having me time is so important for my mental health and happiness, I find it way to easy to neglect myself and put myself last. I want to try and be more aware of when I need some me time and to take it. One thing that I think will make having me time easier is In the new house we have a bath! I know what you're thinking but we actually don't have a bath in our current house! I am so ready to lay back in a nice hot bath with a glass of wine!

What Is On Your September To-Do List?



  1. This is such a great list especially the bit of leaving time for yourself! That's so exciting that you're moving so soon, wishing you all the best with the new move! xx

    My Lovelier Days

    1. I am so bad at remembering that I need to take time for myself, if i don't make it a goal it would be put on the back burner haha! We are so excited to move Thank you so much lovely x

  2. Moving is so much fun, we are going to be doing that as well in the near future, I can't wait. I need to make a September to do list ASAP!

    Ashlee |

    1. Yay! I am so glad that someone else thinks moving house is fun! Everyone I know thinks I am strange for enjoying moving house, I just love the feeling of a fresh start! Oh that will be exciting hopefully when you do move it all goes well! I must say writing these to-do lists definitely helps me with being more productive!

      Chloe xx

  3. Such a great list of goals! I hope you're getting on well with them and hope you're having a great September! x

    1. Thank You so much! Thankfully I managed to stick to my goals pretty well this month! Hopefully I'll have a successful October too! -xo


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