August To-Do List

Hello loves!

Can you believe that there are only 4 months left of 2019! Now I don't know about you but I always find that this last portion of the year absolutely flies by! Once the realisation that 2019 was in-fact almost over had sunk in I started to really reflect on what I wanted to achieve. I used to create these posts every month but for some reason I stopped. I have brought them back again though as I find sharing my goals to you all on the internet it, in a way holds me accountable to try my best to achieve said goals/tasks.

1. Be More Adventurous With Bullet Journalling

Bullet journalling is something I have been doing for quite some time now. I find with bullet journalling not only am I able to let my creative side go ham in my journal and make it as pretty as possible, It also helps me stay more organised than any other journal ever has. Im sure you have heard of bullet journalling but it is literally the most customisable form of planning and that is because you quite literally start with an empty notebook! I have bouts of using and not using my bullet journal, I notice during the periods where I don't use it I am a lot less productive. I want to be more adventurous and creative with my journal this month, to try new spreads and way of using my journal to try and prevent me from getting bored and in turn not using it.

2. Compile A List Of Blog Post Ideas

This is something that I have started to write in my bullet journal. If I don't have a list of blog post ideas in front of me I find that I struggle with inspiration when I need to write and publish a blog post. I also find having a list of ideas I am able to plan and write my posts in advance. 

3. Look Into An Anniversary Weekend Getaway

I am wanting to come up with a small list of destination ideas for a romantic weekend. Mine and Coles anniversary is on 8th December and I really want us to go for a weekend away without Jackson. I think it is really important for us to have time without the baby so we can just be adults and in love without having to worry about the baby. I am wanting to find a place in Scotland or Wales in a secluded spot so we can have real quality time together secluded and away from social media etc.

4. Workout At Least 3 Times A Week

I am wanting to work on my fitness and improve my health as well as get rid of this baby weight. I am the heaviest I have ever been since having Jackson and it just isn't healthy. Not only do I want to lose weight and look good I also (and more importantly) want to feel good. I have been feeling pretty shit that I didn't just 'bounce back' like you see lots of mums do on social media. But then I realised that nothing happens unless you work for it. 

5. Continue To Work On My Motivation

I have been really struggling with staying motivated recently. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact I have a tiny person to look after meaning my wants and needs tend to be pushed aside and forgotten about. Having said that there are moments in the day where I have time to get things done and I need to stop using Jackson as an excuse to be lazy. I will not achieve my goals if I don't put the hours in, I need to become a doer again. I can and will improve my motivation!

I feel as though this to-do list / goals is realistic for me. I am going to be creating these posts (with a review included) each month to hopefully hold myself accountable for achieving my goals.

Do you have anything you really want to achieve this month?



  1. This is such a great

    Candice x

  2. Yes to all of these! Especially working on motivation and bullet journaling more often. I too want to wok on my motivation a bit this month so that I feel ready for all the tasks to come in the fall! Lovely post xx

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Motivation is a monthly battle for me it seems lol. Thanks lovely! -xo


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