Self Care Rituals For Those Stressful Days

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Self care I think is something that we tend to overlook way too much, I know that I do at least. Life can get incredibly hectic to the point where we forget to take a minute for ourselves, for our sanity. I have out together some simple self-care rituals that I like to do for those stressful days.

1: Sit Down With A Cuppa & Breathe 
This one is so simple but affective. When life get too much for me I like to make myself a coffee, put my feet up and chill. I will focus on my breathing and clear my mind of negativity, focus on the positives to re gain control and re-centre myself so I can continue on with me day, hopefully feeling less stressed.

2: Think About The Priorities 
I am one of those people who will stress out over the smallest little thing when I should be concentrating on things much more important. I get easily sidetracked and lose sight of what is important. When I find myself doing this I like to take a step back and re-evaluate what it is that is important to focus on for that particular day and to forget about things which don't need to take up my time. 

3: Read A Book / Watch Tv 
I find that getting lost in a good book or a tv show really helps to relax me. If I have had a stressful day i like to just switch of and not have to worry about a thing. Books for me tend to be my go to but watching tv is just as affective if books aren't your thing. 

4: Talk With Family & Friends
This is something I am trying to do more of, I am terrible for keeping in contact with my loved ones however I always feel so much happier when I take the time to give them a call. 

5: Have a pamper
This is probably my most favourite self-care ritual. I love to have a pamper. To take the entire evening and focus on myself. I'll do the whole shebang, I'm talking tan, nails, hair mask, face mask you name it I'll be doing it. A glass or three of wine also included (well when I'm not pregnant of course).

Do you have any self care rituals you follow on those stressful days?


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  1. I love having a pamper routine that really lets me take time to focus on myself. Mine is always a great bubble bath, one of my favorite shows, and a face mask! I do think there is a lot of importance in the ability to talk to friends and family as well!

    Ashlee |


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