Short Term Goals To Re-focus My Mind

Hello Loves!

I don't know about you but I have recently been going through a spat of having zero motivation. As we come towards the end of March, January and all of its 'new year, new me' motivation starts to become that of a distant memory. I always find myself gradually losing focus and motivation as the year goes on meaning I have to take a moment to re-centre myself. I have to step back and ask myself again, what it is I want to achieve and then I take the time to come up with a plan to make my goals a reality.

1) Increase Pinterest Views To 10k 
Pinterest is a platform which never fails to inspire me, I can spend literally hours scrolling though and re-pinning. I have been trying to increase my unique monthly visitors for the past couple of months and have been seeing a little progress in my numbers. The other day I had reached 7k for the first time which got me thinking about how I wanted to try and go for 10k.

2) Read & Comment On More Blogs
Not only did I lose motivation towards my own blog I also lost interest in reading other peoples too which was a big shame since reading other peoples blogs is what what inspired me to create my own back in 2015. Recently though I have been reading blogs so much more and it made me realise how much I missed the blogging world. I want to make more of an effort to read other peoples blog not only because I enjoy reading blogs but I also think it is important to share the love within the blogging community. 

3) Pre-write Blog Posts
Pre-writing blog posts is something that I used to be so good at doing. I found by pre-writing and having posts ready in advance eliminated the stress of getting posts ready last minute to prevent messing up my blog schedule. Not only did pre-writing eliminate a lot of stress it also helped with my motivation and inspiration as I was able to think more about the content I was creating as opposed to rushing it. Another reason as to why I want to get back into the routine of pre-writing is (I'm sure you're aware) I'm due to give birth in about 3 weeks time meaning I'll be adjusting to life with a newborn and will no doubt need as many posts ready as possible!

4) Post On Instagram Regularly & Engage More
My Instagram game has been at an all time low over the past couple of months, my engagement is at an all time low as a result of being lazy and not posting. Much like blogging I have got so much more motivation for Instagram too. I am trying new things in terms of photography, caring less about numbers and just having fun with creating. Hopefully by me engaging with others and creating content regularly again I will see an improvement in my engagement.

5) Continue Reading Regularly
I used to read all the time, I actually read 50 books back in 2017. For some reason I didn't read at all in 2018 I think I read like 1 maybe 2 books. I seemed to have carried that lack of motivation through into 2019 because up until this month I hadn't finished a single book. Thankfully this month that all changed and I have finished 4 books so far making me realise how much I missed getting lost in the pages of a book. I have a goal to read 55 books this year, wish me luck!

I plan to write a follow up to these goals in a couple months time to see how I did and if the motivation stuck!

Do you have any short term goals to re-motivate you?


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