How I'm Getting More Organised With My Blog

Hello loves!

Recently I have been sharing more posts about motivation, I thought I would continue on with that trend and share with you a few ways in which I have been staying motivated with my blog. I started blogging 4 years ago and although I have never stopped loving it I have struggled a few times with motivation. 

1) Planning posts On Google Docs
I am using a google docs spreadsheet to track what posts are to be uploaded when, wether they are written or not and if I have taken the photos for each post. I have been finding this super useful as It is a very visual way to see what I need to do for when. 

2) Using My Bullet Journal For My Blog
I have been bullet journalling for a little over a year and I love it. It helps me stay organised day-to-day. I have been incorporating more blogging related spreads like to-do lists, goal lists etc. My bullet journal is something I look at all the time as it had my daily to-do lists in it so I am constantly reminded of not only what I need to get done but why I want to get those things completed. I love bullet journals as opposed to agendas as they are so much more personal and gives me the freedom to create spreads exactly how I want them to be. 

3) Using Notebooks
I have been using notebooks for briefly writing lists (I do love a list) and briefly planning blog posts. The reason why I like to scribble down a brief plan for my blog posts is because it helps me to include every point that I want to put across. I am such a forgetful human so If I thought of a good idea to include in a particular blog post and just waited until I was writing said blog post, chances are if its not written down it won't be included.

4) Being More Consistent
Consistency is something I have struggled with over the years but I am getting better at it recently due to the steps I am taking to be more organised. I always find if Im not organised I tend to get really stressed out which essentially eliminated my motivation and I don't write blog posts at all. I am making more of a conscious effort to work on my motivation and consistency.

5) Setting Small Goals
I am such a goal setter, but where I tend to go wrong is I set huge goals which take a very long time to complete which means I lose focus after a while. Instead of doing this I have been setting small goals that will work towards the bigger ones so I have small victories along the way. Smaller goals give me a more regular feeling of accomplishment which is what tends to drive and motivate me.

What do you do to be more organised?



  1. This is such a helpful post. I love writing lists and use this for my blog. I've also tried out the excel spreadsheets before and I did enjoy that method but as I didn't always have my laptop with me I felt like when I had the urge to update it I couldn't. I may try a bullet journal or use one of my notebooks to document my progress like you have in a bullet journal :)

    Katie | XX

  2. You are so much more organized than me! I've always found that keeping notebooks with my ideas and outlines is the best way to keep creating content on a consistent basis. It also helps keep my thoughts in order as well! Love the post!

    Ashlee |


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