April Goals

Hello Loves!

I used to write these posts all the time before taking my super long blogging break so I thought I would bring them back as it helps me to stay focused. April is going to be a big month for me since I am going to be induced therefore I will become a mum for the first time! My goals aren't huge because I will be adjusting to life with a newborn but they are all things I want to concentrate on.

1: Finish Prepping For Baby
I have more or less got everything prepped for baby boys arrival however there a couple of things I still need to buy ie. lots of nappies! There are also a few less important items on my list that I don't need for him but I do want! 

2: Read Two Books
I try to read as much as I can as it is something I really enjoy, I also think reading is really good for you too. I always set myself a goal each year to read a certain number of books so I want to try and continue to be consistent with this. I know I will be very preoccupied however I am hoping two books is doable.

3: Stay Consistent With The Blog
I have recently come back from a rather long blogging slump and I seem to have my mojo back and I am enjoying blogging again so much. The fact I am no longer stressed out with work due to being on maternity leave is making blogging so much easier. 

4: Pre Write Blog Posts
This is something I used to do a lot which I found was always super helpful as sometimes life gets very busy meaning pre written posts keep you consistent. I have a feeling I am going to need quite a few pre-written and scheduled posts for the very near future! 

5: Continue To Use Bujo For Organising 
Bullet journalling is something I have been doing for about a year or so and it is something I really enjoy. I find  not only does it allow me to organise my day, blog...my entire life but it also allows me to get creative. I love sitting down having some me time setting up my journal for the month, week etc as I find it very relaxing.



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