2018 Life & Blogging Goals


First of all I am very aware that this post is slightly late, life has been hectic however I still wanted to share my goals for the year. 2017 for me went by in a a flash, it wasn't the best year for me. I lacked motivation, productivity and lots of other things which I am going to try and implement into 2018.


1: Pass My Driving Test...
Okay, so since this post is late I am happy to say one goal for this year is complete!! I passed my driving test on the 15th of this month with 6 minors. I am loving my new found freedom and am excited for the opportunities that have opened up now I can drive!

2: Learn How To Manage Money 
This is something I have really struggled with this year. I am a retail supervisor so my wage isn't the best meaning I live from pay check to pay check. I want to work on recognising when I am wasting money and saving that money instead.

3: Take Time To Learn More About Myself 
As you get older you change as a person, its a fact of life. I am at a point in my life where I'm not 100% happy but I don't know what it is that will make me happy. So I want to spend this year exploring and getting to know my adult self to allow me to set goals for my future happiness....wow that was a deep one.

4: Self Love & Self Care
This goal is pretty self explanatory, I want to spend 2018 learning to love myself and take care of myself mentally and physically.

5: Be More Mindful Of Others
I want to share the love not just this year but for years to come. I want to be more mindful to other peoples feelings and happiness. Kindness is something that can be rare to come by but even the smallest act of kindness can impact massively on someones day.

6: Complete My Weightloss Journey
I am a bridesmaid for my besties wedding in August so I am hoping to finish my weightloss journey by then. I have about 3st ish to lose which I personally thing is doable. Another goal is to join the gym and/or workout...


Blogging in 2017 has been so stressful. From bitching matches on Twitter to shitty algorithms *ahem Instagram!* I have fallen out of love with blogging massively but I miss it so much. So my biggest goal is to find my love for blogging again.

1: Find A Manageable Schedule & Stick To It 
Since starting my blog in 2015 I have had several different schedules due to changes in my life. Ya know life happens...I want to try and find a schedule which is manageable for me and my job without blogging becoming stressful and chore-like.

2: Reach 13k On Instagram & 20k On Twitter
This is one I am not overly optimistic about simply because of how bad growth has become for us Instagrammers. I am planning on doing my research and working my little butt off to hopefully reach my goal. Shameless self promo...head on over to my Insta and feel free to give me a cheeky follow! @chloedentonxo. Twitter is slightly easier to grow however it has slowed down a helluva lot recently however I think this goal is slightly more accessible. Again feel free to give me a little follow, you wont regret it :* @chloedentonxo

3: Interact With Other Bloggers & Share The love
Throughout my 3 years of blogging I have made some amazing blogging friends, I am wanting to spend this year meeting new bloggers and making new blogging friends. As I am sure you have all noticed, 2017 was the year of twitter spats between bloggers, the blogging community has become a hostile place at times so I am going to try and share the love a little more towards other bloggers to hopefully drown out the negative Nancys. If that fails, actually down them...(kidding!).

4: Build Relationships With Brands
Relationships with brands is such an important part of blogging wether we like to admit it or not. No we don't blog for PR samples however they do help us bloggers and obviously its lovely when a brand chooses you to work with them. I really want to concentrate on building my relationship with brands I love.

What Goals Do You Have For 2018?

Have The Best Year!



  1. What awesome goals you have set for 2018! Also, congrats on passing your driving test!

    Sarah Lillian | https://livinglifewithsarahlillian.blogspot.ca

  2. If you learn how to manage money please let me know! I need to discover the secret to that - I am useless with money!

    John | Shout John


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