November Goals 2017

Hello Lovelies!

Can you believe it, another month, another goals post. Halloween is now over, November is here which in my book means It's CHRISTMAS!! I'm not entirely sure if you've guessed already but I freaking love Christmas meaning I am quite excited....October for me was not productive in the slightest, I lacked motivation for pretty much everything in my life especially blogging. However November is a new month, I'm feeling positive and motivated to smash my goals.

1) Love My Blog Again
I have been so concentrated on improving my Instagram engagement I had forgotten almost completely about my blog. I expressed my thoughts to some lovely bloggers I am in a chat with on Instagram and one of them simply said 'your Instagram is only an extension of your blog' and you know what she is totally right. After she said that I decided I would try extra hard on my blog from now on and get it back to where it used to be. One thing I have realised is, when my blog thrived my social media thrived along with it. Heres to working my ass off to bring my blog back to life!!

2) Pre-write Blog Posts 
This is something I used to do religiously before I started working as much as I do now. I work shifts meaning I can, at times work weird hours which can make it really difficult to blog regularly. So this month I am going to try extra hard to pre-write some blog posts so I don't miss upload days again (Wednesdays & Sundays). I have also decided to plan my blog posts for the entire month so I am more aware of what I need to have written and for when. Essentially I am trying to be more organised. 

3) Pass My Theory Test 
Okay this is a big one, I have passed my theory test before however I left it too long meaning it has run out. But I am super close to being ready to take my driving test (like before the end of the year ready) so passing my theory is essential since tests get booked up pretty quickly! I would say wish me luck however my theory test is in-fact today (Nov 3rd) So by the time this post goes up I would have either passed or failed!!! agh, no pressure!

4) Be Prepared For Christmas
This is a goal I have been seeing on a lot of in peoples posts recently and I can't blame them! I am taking the bull by the christmas horns this year by preparing and organising! I started my Christmas shopping in October meaning I now only have Scott to buy for, I have also created some Christmas to-do pages in my Bullet Journal which is allowing me to see what exactly I have left to do. Last year for me didn't feel like Christmas at all so I am determined to change that this year! 

Another goals post down, one left to go for 2017! Do you have any goals you want to complete this month? 



  1. I hope your theory test went well! I've just booked mine, but put it way in advance so that I had time to majorly panic and procrastinate it

    Steph -

    1. Thanks lovely. I was an idiot & got the times mixed up so I've re-booked it for the 9th lol x

  2. These goals are excellent. Good luck with your theory test! x

  3. I love all these goals and hope you can achieve them! Xx

  4. My goals are very similar to yours! Although it hasn't been going that well for me so far I want to concentrate on my blog more as well and pre-write more posts especially as I'd like to be able to post more on December :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  5. Eee I hope you passed your test! For me I had blog goals for the year and I only have 2 left so I'd like to ideally finish those last 2 goals!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  6. Our goals are definitely similar! I've also been trying so hard with my Instagram sometimes I think I'm not putting as much effort into my blog which makes me really sad as I'm a writer, not a photographer!

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