October Goals 2017

Hello Lovelies!

In case you didn't already know IT'S FINALLY AUTUMN! Autumn (if I haven't already made it obvious) is my favourite season. I love the darker nights, colder weather for reading in front of the fire with a hot cup of coffee. I know I'm a cliche but I am totally fine with that!

1. Take better care of my hair 
My hair is something I've never really bothered with I have been really lucky with it if I'm honest, I've never had an issue with growing it etc. But I want to start taking better care of it because it might not stay this healthy so this month I want to take the time to explore some hair care products.

2. Complete My Fall Cleaning List
Every season I like to deep clean my house, clean the things you wouldn't think of cleaning on the daily. I have got my list written ready to be completed so I want to make sure I get it all done by the end of the month. Ideally I would like to get them all done in the first week but that might be a little too ambitious. 

3. Plan Christmas Presents For Everyone 
Christmas is such a stressful time for everyone especially when you don't earn as much money as you would like. Working in retail means I pretty much live pay check to pay check. Somehow I always seem to leave things quite late and buy the majority of the presents in one month. Not this year! I am going to buy a few presents for my friends and family each month so I don't bankrupt myself in the process to avoid as much stress a possible.

4. Book My Theory
One of my 2017 goals is to pass my driving test, I am very aware that there isn't that much time left of this year meaning I HAVE to book and pass my theory test this month since I cannot book my actual driving test until I've passed my theory. Thankfully my instructor thinks I will be ready to pass before the end of the year! (wish me luck).

5. Share The Love With Fellow Bloggers
This isn't something I want to do in October alone but I want to start doing it right now. I think it is so important to support and share the love towards fellow bloggers. Wether thats by commenting on a blog post, liking an Instagram Photo, Retweeting blog links or simple sending a message of support. Blogging fundamentally balls down to community, we are a community with the same passion i.e. blogging hence why sharing the love is so important.

So there you have my October goals, They're a little more relaxed than previous months which has left me feeling super motivated and less pressured! What're your goals for this month?



  1. I need to start the Christmas lists for everyone! I feel like a lot of people are trying to be super organised this year! Fab post lovely xx Imogen


    1. Thanks chick, I can be awful at being organised at Christmas so 2017 is the year to kick Christmas butt haha! -xo


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