September Goals

Hello Lovelies!

It's finally Autumn!! I am so happy September has finally rolled around. I love Autumn, I love everything about it. From the darker reading filled evenings to spiced scented candles. I am planning on taking September by the balls by working my ass off to work towards the bigger picture I want to achieve. 

Blogging Goals

1. Be more active in the pod

I am involved in an Instagram pod, I'm sure you all know what pods are. I am in one filled with so many lovely talented ladies which is why I want to be more on top of their content. I work a lot as I have mentioned before which makes blogging etc a little more difficult which is why I have been struggling with pods. I am going to try extra hard this month to keep up to date with their content because it really is amazing. 

2. Work on social media engagement 

My engagement the past couple of months has dramatically dropped and the only explanation is I haven't been engaging myself. I want to put an end to that, I miss interacting in the big blogging world and I miss seeing lots of engagement on the posts I work so hard to create.

3. Concentrate more on the blog 

This is a major one I need to concentrate on. I used to be all about my blog I used to spend so much time in making my blog the best it can be for me. I have noticed my blog has been shoved on the back burner recently because I have been so concentrated on my social media. I need to put more of my time into my blog to get it back to where it used to be. To make it something I am proud of again. 

Life Goals

1. Eat healthier 

I have been on a healthy lifestyle kick / weight loss journey for about  month now and I have been doing so well until recently. I have been falling off track a little to often, thankfully I haven't gained but I haven't lost anything either. So this month I want to really concentrate on getting back on track.

2. Exercise 

This goes hand in hand with eating healthier I have never been one to exercise but I really want to start. I am hoping to start working out at least once a week at home to ease myself into it, hopefully I will start to enjoy it after doing it regularly enough. Well thats the plan anyway!

3. Read More

I have a goal to read 55 books this year which I am not going to achieve as I just haven't had the motivation to sit down and read I have been more interested in sitting on social media. However I have recently started reading again and I have been really enjoying it so I want to take this month to read as much as I possibly can to get as close to my target as possible. 


  1. I love posts like this so much, I hope you manage to achieve your goals, I'm sure you can! :)x

    1. Same here, reading other peoples goals always makes me feel so motivated to get on with mine! I hope I manage to achieve them too. Thank you so much lovely!

      Chloe -xo


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