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I was sent the most amazing pr package a few weeks ago and if you can't already tell by the title, i was sent some products by a brand called Feather & Down. Inside there were four amazingly packaged products to help me sleep like a baby.

Melting Shower Cream - £6

The first product I was sent was their melting shower cream. This product is designed to hep sooth and relax you after a stressful day. When rubbed into the skin this product turns into a nourishing oil which leaves my skin feeling amazing, it also has the most gorgeous lavender scent. I have found with a lot of other products similar to this, the lavender is so potent it isn't relaxing however this one has such a soft lavender scent it really leaves me feeling ready for a good nights sleep. I have been also loving using this product as a bubble bath surrounding myself with the beautiful relaxing scent makes me feel so relaxed and ready to catch some zzzz's.

Next in my lovely parcel was the soothing body oil, this product is designed to sooth the skin, seal in moisture and relax the senses. I can honestly say this product does all three of those things. It sprays out in a fine mist meaning not too much oil smothers your skin which I hate! It has the same scent as the shower cream which is lovely, its light and calming. My skin felt so soft and hydrated after using this product and definitely soothed my senses. I have been using this product after getting out the bath or shower in the evening.

This product is packed with Lavender, Chamomile and Vitamin E meaning this little pot is filled with a concoction of relaxing goodness. I have been applying this to my pulse points every night since receiving it and I have been loving it. I have been sleeping better than I have in a long time. Massaging this fragranced balm into your pulse points means the scent will last longer which allows you to relax and fall into a deep and restful sleep.

Last but by no means least is my favourite product I received, pillow sprays are so popular and loved by so many people and I couldn't agree more. I find pillow sprays leave a gorgeous relaxing scent on your bedding which help you fall to sleep so quickly, well for me anyway. This is by far my favourite pillow spray I have used, like the other products it has such a beautiful light lavender scent. I have been spraying this around my room as well as on my bedding literally every single night. The only negative I have to say about this product is on the days I start work at 5:30am I really don't want to get up because I was having the best sleep ever!

I am so grateful to Feather & Down for spoiling me with these incredible products, My sleep game has forever changed for the better may I add. You can find these godsends in Boots, I rally recommend you give them a try. They have a few more bath & body products and they also have some home fragrances which I am dying to get my hands on. 

Have you ever tried any products to help with you sleep?


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  1. The beautiful packaging alone makes me want these products straight away! xxx


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