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Hello Lovelies!

Apparently it is summer in the U.K. right now although the weather says different. We have had a little sun this year but it appears to have vanished fortunately some clever person invented fake tan so we can pretend to be tan from all of the non existent sun! whooo! I am sure you are all aware of how much I love fake tan, I am always trying new ones and relaying my thoughts back to you. Recently a lovely brand called Stunning cosmetics asked me if I would like to try out their fake tan amongst a couple other products. 

The first product I received was their avocado body scrub, which I must say I was so excited about because I bloody love Avocados! I really like the packaging, it is a simple tub you can scoop a handful from which I like, I really like the sleek and simple look to it. One of my favourite things about this product is the gorgeous scent it really reminds me of the Sugar Crush range from Soap & glory. It is such a sweet fruity smell which to me smells like summer. The beads in this scrub are quite course but not painful. I really enjoy more corse body scrubs as I feel like the really get rid of the dead skin for the perfect base for fake tan. The great thing about this particular scrub is that it is made with Coconut & Palm oil so although the scrub itself if course it moisturises your skin at the same time. I have been using this scrub for a few weeks and I am loving it!

The next product I was sent was their Medium/Dark Tanning Mousse, I was really looking forward to trying this product out because I am a huge fan of tanning mousses, they're pretty much all I use when fake tanning. The thing that really excited me about this particular tan is that it is suitable to be used on your face. It pumps out into a fluffy foam which some mousses I've used have struggled to do, It also doesn't really have the horrible fake tan smell it actually has a slight perfume scent to it. It applies and blends really well and sinks into the skin quickly which is essential for me as I like to apply two layers of tan when I am tanning as I like a darker tan. Another thing I noticed with this tan is, I forgot to wash it off that evening and I had to go to work the next day early and usually when this happens it runs when I wash my hands etc but this one didn't. For me It lasted about 5 days before I needed to start scrubbing it off. As it was wearing it didn't go patchy which is an issue I usually have. 

Finally Stunning Cosmetics sent me their Avocado body Butter which I have also been loving, it has the same scent as the body scrub just a little more subtle. The body butter is also in really pretty, sleek packaging. This product is safe for all skin types including sensitive which is great. Like the Body scrub it is made with Coconut Oil & Palm Oil but there is also Shea Butter in there too. This product is so moisturising and not greasy in the slightest it also sinks into the skin quickly too leaving a subtle hint of the scent behind. One thing I did notice about this product is it helps prolong the wear of the fake tan, I use this every day when I fake tan and I think it has really helped the way the fake tan wears. 

Overall I am really impressed with the quality of this brand, their products are lovely, they smell incredible and the packaging is beautiful. 

What is your favourite fake tan?


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