Revuele & Pretty Smooth Skincare Review*

Hello Lovelies!

A few weeks ago a lovely company called Quest Personal Care contacted me about reviewing some products they stock, their website is currently being constructed but you can view their latest stock catalogue.

Revuele Argan Oil Cream-Butter 

The first product is from the Revuele Argan Oil range, this is a 5 in 1 hand and body cream it is revitalising, regenerates, anti-ageing, smoothing and has nutritional values for your skin. When I first used this product I thought it smelled like a mens aftershave but I couldn't put my finger on what one it was, after using it a couple of times I realised it smells exactly like Jean Paul Gaultier. Although it has a very masculine scent to it I actually really like it. It isn't as thick as some moisturisers I own which I really enjoy for using day to day if my skin is feeling particularly dry or I'm having a pamper evening I would probably use something a little heavier as this one is very light weight. My skin definitely feels very soft and hydrated from using this.

Revuele Argan Oil Day Cream 

Like the body butter the day cream smells like Jean Paul Gaultier which I must say did worry me, I have used a scented face cream before which majorly broke me out, thankfully this one didn't. I have been using this every morning since receiving it and I cannot get enough. The day cream is supposed supposed to promote cell regeneration, it is oxygen infused, has an SPF of 16, it is anti wrinkle and is for Normal, Dry and Sensitive skin. Before using this cream I would always have an issue with my foundation splitting and wearing off in patched after a few hours no matter what foundation I used, which I found out was because my skin was very dehydrated. I love this product and will definitely continue to use it.

Revuele Argan Oil Night Cream 

Again this product has the scent of Jean Paul Gaultier aftershave, but it has increased nutrition, this cream is designed to fight signs of pre-mature ageing. It is also designed to decrease redness and dull looking skin, redness is something I have suffered with for a long time along my cheeks, and I can honestly say since using this night cream my redness has calmed down a hell of a lot. I still have redness but it isn't as obvious to the point where I will leave the house without wearing any foundation.

Revuele Black Mask

This is one of those gross but awesome black head masks. These masks are super popular in the blogging community right now, I have tried two or three different ones but I can honestly say this one is the best I've tried. This mask is a pore cleansing peel off mask with activated carbon, zinc and silver ions Ag+. It is designed to clear acne and blackheads, it is deep pore cleansing, regulates sebaceous gland function and leaves your skin matte. I can honestly say it does all of those things, don't get me wrong I do still have blackhead but that is because I had a shit tonne in my T zone, but everytime I use this mask it gets rid of loads more. I'll be honest if you would want to use this on your entire face it will hurt as it will pull out the fine little hairs but I promise you it is worth it. Those cheap Biorè strips are nothing compared to this mask.

                                                       Pretty Smooth Eye Patches

Finally the love people at Quest personal Care sent me 3 types of eye masks from Pretty Smooth. I have used a couple of eye patches before but I never really thought much of them. They sent me the Argan Oil hydrating ones, the Snake Venom to reduce the appearance of wrinkle and the Collagen ones to hydrate and brighten. I really enjoy using these eye masks when I am having a pamper evening as they are so cooling and relaxing under the eyes especially after a stressful day at work. Out of the three I think my favourite ones were the Collagen ones as I definitely see a difference in my dark circles 

Overall I am so impressed by these products, there isn't one I dislike. I think the favourite item they sent me was the pore mask as it knocks all of the others I've tried out of the park. I am so grateful to Quest Personal Care for being so generous, you should definitely check out their stock catalogue as they have some amazing products and brands on there.

What product did you most like the sound of?


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