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Todays post I am going to be talking to you about Bio-Extracts eye contour collection. Bio-Extracts have created a personalised skincare system, these products are designed to suit your skin by mixing the contour boosts with the contour cream. These products are not tested on animals and are vegan friendly which is amazing.

This product is an age defying cream which has been developed using Biotechnology, it provides instant hydration for dry eyes. When I first tried this product I instantly thought wow this smells incredible it literally smells like a spa. The packaging is sleek and simple which I really like, I love the pump as it is a little different from the normal pot of eye cream. This products applies onto the skin like silk, it sinks in so quickly leaving my under eyes feeling hydrated and smooth. i never thought about my under eyes being dry but they must have been because my skin cannot get enough of this stuff!

The brightening boost is designed to help the skin around your eyes look radiant and revitalised. When Using this product I have been adding one to two drops of it into the cream which I then mix together and pat the concoction into my under eyes, I like to use this one with my morning skincare routine. The great thing about these products is a little goes a long way. Since using this product I have noticed my under eyes are brighter, I'm now less uncle Fester and more 20 year old girl who works her butt off ha! Don't get me wrong my dark under eyes aren't totally gone (I think I would need a miracle for that) but they are so much better than what they were. I no longer feel the need for concealer to just nip to the shop which is amazing.

The lift + firm boost is designed to give the under eyes a firmer, plumped up appearance around the eyes essentially keeping the wrinkles at bay. Like the brightening boost I like to add one or two drops into the cream and then pat the mixture into my under eyes. Unlike the brightening boost I haven't really noticed much of a difference. My under eyes are less puffy, I can't be certain if that is down to this boost or getting more sleep. I am only 20 so I don't have wrinkles to hide or reduce the appearance of, hence why I haven't noticed much of a difference. I am going to continue to use this boost though as it is best to start anti-ageing before you actually need the products as it can help prevent ageing young, your eyes are one of the first places to show signs of age too as the skin is so thin.

My Verdict
Over all I am really impressed with these products, I have been looking for decent under eye products for so long and I have found some. Looking after your under eyes is so so important and I am looking forward to continuing to use these products, i'm sure my skin will thank me for it in 10-15 years time. 

What are your favourite under eye products, let me know in the comments below -xo


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  1. I'm very intrigued by these, they sound nice!

    Emily xo


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