June Goals 2017

Hello Lovelies!

So although we are already quite a few days in to June I thought I would still share with you my goals for this month. I really enjoy writing these posts, as sharing my goals makes me feel more motivated to complete them. I love reading other peoples monthly goals I also like the idea of being able to look back on them in the future.

This months goals are as follows...

1. Start driving lessons again.
This is a really important goals for me because my theory runs out towards the end of August which only leaves me with just over a month to be test ready!

2. Finish Reading 3 books.
I haven't been doing too well with this years reading challenge recently so I want to use this month to get out of my major reading slump and enjoy some good books.

3. Take time to pamper myself.
Like most girls I love a good pamper but I never really have the time to actually do it. This month I want to try and have at least two pamper evenings as I find they not only relax me but they also help me feel happier within myself and leave me feeling motivated in day to day life.

4. Post on Instagram more often.
This is something I seem to struggle with, I find myself getting hyped up and super motivated for a week or two and then I think to myself *whats the point, I'm not getting anywhere* I want to stop that mind set. Instagram at the moment is fucked, most of the people who are managing to grow their accounts at a steady rate have bought their followers, I know a lot of us are in the same rut of not being able to grow. I want to be able to not give a shit about how many followers I do or don't have, I want to let my creative juices flow and enjoy posting content I love instead of worrying about numbers.

Thats it, my goals for June. What goals have you set yourself this month? comment below -xo



  1. Pamper evenings are the best, even if it's just a nice face mask and a bath!
    Kathy x

    1. Couldn't agree with you more! Especially when you're working lots so just having that time to wind down and really take care of yourelf is the best! -xo

  2. These are great goals! Hope you get them done :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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