Giorgio Armani Si Perfume Review

Hello lovelies!
Todays post I thought I would review Si by Giorgio Armani. For my 20th birthday the other half, otherwise known as Scott gave me money as he had no idea what to get me (lol, typical man), So I thought I would by a new perfume, naturally. I always see this gorgeous little bottle on Instagram which Intrigued me to look more into it.

I am quite easy when it comes to perfume as I like, fresh, sweet, fruity and musky scents but I do tend to lean more towards sweet fragrances. I had a look online at the notes and really liked the sound of them, I then did a very brave thing and ordered it without smelling it first!

The notes are as follows:
Top Notes; Cassis
Middle Notes; Freesia & May Rose
Base Notes; Vanilla, patchouli, Ambroxan and woody.

When I first spray this perfume It smells quite floral but not over powering, I really don't like perfumes which smell as if you've been slapped in the face with a bouquet of flowers lol! The floral scent to it is really light and very pretty! After the perfume has settled more on my skin you can really smell the sweetness of this perfume, it isn't a sickly sweet either which I love. After the perfume has been on my skin for a while I really notice the woody notes in it, I really like sweet warm fragrances which this one definitely is!

Not only does this perfume smell incredible but it is also very long lasting, I can spritz some in the morning and still smell it on my skin at the end of the day which is essential for me, especially when I am working long shifts. Since wearing this perfume I have received so many lovely compliments on it too which is always nice when buying expensive perfumes. Aside from the great scent the bottle is bloody beautiful! It feels so luxurious and weighty which you would expect as it is a rather pricey perfume not to mention it is just so damn instagrammable (obviously a must).  

I have to say the only and I mean ONLY negative thing I have to say about this perfume is I love it so much I'll definitely continue to purchase it, which won't be great for my bank balance haha!

I bought this bottle from Fragrance Direct as it was a lot cheaper than else where! I paid £46.99 for the 50ml bottle but it usually retails for £54.00. 

What is your favourite perfume at the moment? I'd love to know!



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