Z Palette Customer Service Scandal

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So over the past couple of days I have been hearing so much buzz over the company Z Palette and their abusive replies to customers on their Instagram page. I have done a little investigating (just call me Nancy Drew) and what I have found is actually rather disgusting!

So, from the beginning. Z Palette have released a new 'innovative' product which is designed for you to de-pot your eyeshadows easily. The only mishap seems to be, is that the product looks like a simple hot plate and is retailing for $85!

Customers, or potential customers challenged Z Palette on their reasons for the rather hefty price tag for what looks like an electric camping stove. Z Palette have then gone on to reply to said customers with a whole lotta abuse! I mean I understand the CEO being upset and maybe even offended by people comparing her new product to a standard hotplate but for the Z Palette Instagram to reply in such an aggressive way is so shocking!  If I'm totally honest, I can't actually believe some of the things they've actually said to their customers. Here are some examples of what was said...

This is the original post show casing their new product. If you look on their Instagram you'll notice the original post has been deleted...

As you can see Z Palette were replying to their potential customers with so much disrespect. Do you not think that if you're releasing a new product for $85 people are going to challenge you about the products as thats a lot of bloody money!!

But trust me it gets worse, They were not only rude to their customers but they even went as far as to degrade their financial status by throwing out discount codes here, there and everywhere. To me thats shows that Z Palette themselves think the product is over priced otherwise they wouldn't start giving discount codes to everyone who challenged the price! But... the WORST one by far is this 'You look like a cheap date, but we're not messing with you' HOW bloody how can Z palette get away wth being so disrespectful, aggressive and Juvenile to their customers. You're not in the school playground Z Palette, It's your company you've discredited! 

Z Palette then received a helluva lot of angry comments on their Instagram after their pathetic child-like behaviour in which they responded to by posting the above to their Instagram. To me that statement isn't an apology to the customers they verbally attacked. It is a statement explaining and attempting to justify their disgusting customer service. 'It didn't come from the need to make money -- We haven't raised prices since Z Palette started in 2009' Thats all well and good but as soon as you start verbally abusing your customers, the fact you haven't raised prices becomes irrelevant and something no one cares about! They have disabled the comments on this post also which to me screams 'we know we were wrong but we don't care'.

 In my opinion the CEO needs to get her head out of her ass and have a major personality adjustment, CEO of a company or just a regular person, speaking to people/customers with so much hate and disrespect is never okay! What do you think about the way Z Palette have reacted to their customers?



  1. The concept is interesting as I am just terrible at depotting makeup but it's quite a shame there was so much abuse in the comments. The person behind the z palette instagram account needs a serious reality check.


    1. Tell me about it! Apparently it was the CEO but either way it's disgusting! I'm all for feeling passionate about your creations but to be so bloody rude to those questioning it is so bad! -xo


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