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Hey Loves!

I have seen quite a few people posting about their favourite products of 2016 and I really enjoyed reading them, which got me thinking about the products I love[d]. For be 2016 was a really good beauty year and I tried out so many products I have fallen in love with.

This primer I'm sure you have all heard of, this is a pore filling primer which for me is essential as I have rather large pores this product blurs them and gives a flawless base for my foundation.

This foundation is omg amazing, I really wanted to try more mac products this year and this foundation was one of them. This foundation is on the more fuller coverage side but it is also buildable to ensure all blemishes are covered. I really liked using this foundation for on nights out and also on bad skin days. 

Okay, we all know I love this foundation I have spoke about it several times on my blog and have been using it for years. It is a medium coverage foundation but can be built up to a fuller coverage without looking cakey! I have gone through so many of these in 2016 and will continue to buy it.

This bronzer is owned by everyone and their mother, it is the perfect contour shade as it is super cool toned and not orange at all. I have loved this bronzer for contour so much this year i have actually run out almost totally!

Benefit boxed blushes are super popular in the blogging/beauty community and rightfully so! I have collected almost all of them but dandelion seems to be my all time fave as it is such a pretty subtle pink which is perfect for me as I tend to prefer more natural looking blushers.

This is another product which everyone seems to own, It is the most gorgeous pinky silver highlight which also looks amazing on the eyelids. I have used this product more than any of my other highlighters in my collection, and as you can see I haven't even hit pan!

TheBalm Mary-loumanizer 
This highlight was a staple for me this year especially for nights out it is less chunkier than the mac one more gold. It is one of those highlights that literally make your cheek bones pop. The only negative about this product is the powder is so soft they product tends to break. I have had to fix mine quite a few times!

I cannot live without this product!!! Mac fix+ (which I have explained before) is a finishing spray NOT a setting spray it will not prolong the wear of your make up what so ever. I use this product every time I wear makeup because I like to use a lot of powdered products blush, contour, highlight etc my face can look 'powdery' at times but this product totally eliminates that and leaves your make up looking bloody flawless. It can also be used to intensify eyeshadows which I love. p.s. fix+ sprayed on mac soft & gentle makes the most gorgeous shimmer lid shade.

I used the Urban Decay primer potion for so long thinking it was the dogs then purchased soft ochre and my life is has been changed. It is the most perfect eyeshadow base I find it practically works as a glue it really sticks the eyeshadow to your lid. It is also really amazing to use if you like wearing a cut crease.

Again I am sure you guys already knew this would be on my list as it is my all time fave naked palette. The shadows are so incredibly stunning and really long lasting, there is an amazing mix of shimmer and mattes which is great. I love wearing pinky shades on my eyes day to day which is basically the entire palette! you also get some more shimmery and dark shadows for evening looks too. Everyone needs this in their collection. 

For me 2016 was the year of mac lippies as I did buy quite a few. Mac is my favourite brand for lipsticks as they are such amazing quality and last amazingly well. My two favourites of this year were Velvet Teddy and Twig. Velvet Teddy as you all know is a nude mate lipstick and an absolute classic ever since the 'Kylie Jenner lip craze'. Twig is a gorgeous reddy brown nude it is a satin finish and again lasts really well, I personally like to dab translucent powder over Twig to make it matte.

What were your beauty favourites of 2016?



  1. Porefessional is probably the best primer I have ever tried but I cannot bring myself to buy it each time because of it's price, it's so expensive!! Hoola is another one of my favourites but I do need to try the soft and gentle by MAC and the Mary Lou highlight!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. I'm the same I really need a new hoola and porefessional but they're so expensive! You should try them they're both amazing highlighters! -xo


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