2017 Goals & January Goals

Happy New Year Bitches!

First of all I'm sure you are all bored of hearing this by now but..oh.my.god. How quick has 2016 gone?! I genuinely cannot believe we are already in 2017! I hope you all had an amazing 2016 and are feeling just as motivated as me to grab 2017 by the balls. I love reading other peoples goals so I thought I would share mine too.

Yearly Goals
1: Motivation
I have realised I can be such an unmotivated person, I have so many things I want to do in my life but I struggle finding the get up and go to actually do them! so I want to take 2017 as my opportunity to become more motivated.

2. Pass My Driving Test
Some of you might already know but I did a one week driving course in 2015 and failed...My theory runs out this August (which took me 3 attempts to pass) so I really need to pass my test before August! Especially since my job requires me to do some 5:30am starts meaning Scott has to wake up at the crack of dawn to take me to work.

2: Learn How To Manage My Money
Okay, this is a difficult one. I am known for being really really shit with money. I spend lots of money on well, nothing actually. I really want to start budgeting and saving this year as I really want to buy a house in the next 5 years which is hella expensive! I'm not too sure how successful I'll be but...wish me luck!

3: Become More Serious About Blogging.
I have started to become really slack where blogging is concerned this one also ties in with the motivation side where I just haven't had the get up and go I need to get shit done but I am hoping in 2017 I can find my motivation and kick some blogging ass.

January Goals

1: Post Twice A Day On Instagram
I haven't been posting half as much on Instagram as I used to and you can really tell! I've lost so many followers and I get less likes. My engagement is all around down! So being more active will hopefully bring my Instagram back to where it used to be.

2: Finish My Vanity/Office 
If you follow my Twitter (@chloedentonxo) you will have seen I am splitting my vanity to half vanity half office desk. I really want a designated 'blogging' space to hopefully keep me motivated because I find sitting on the sofa blogging I get so distracted and don't do what I need to do. Keep an eye out on social media and Bloglovin for the blogpost on how I split my vanity.

3: Become More Active On Twitter
Much like Instagram where I have been lazy and not as active my Twitter engagement has drastically decreased and I really want to work on that not only this month but all year.

Thanks for reading beauts, what are your goals for 2017?



  1. We have pretty much the same yearly goals! I'm beyond unmotivated and it all just stems from laziness and I really want to change that, and I feel you on the whole Instagram thing too. I barely posted on there the last half of the year and I lost like 2,000 followers so I'm really trying to get back into it now :) xx


    1. I'm so glad Im not the only one who has been feeling unmotivated! Hopefully 2017 will be our year to conquer the blogging world! Good luck chick! -xo

  2. Ah great goals! I'm also working on my own engagement on Twitter and Instagram - it's all a never ending job isn't it!

    Tori / www.torisworld.com

    1. Thanks chick! Oh god I know I feel as though no matter how much I do there is always more I could be doing! It's a good job I love social media haha! -xo

  3. Such great goals! Good luck with the driving exam. I failed one in school and then the one to get my license, but in the end I managed, haha :]


    1. Thanks hun! I bought an intensive course and failed! but I have 8 months to pass so hopefully I'll do it! xo


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