What I Got For Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas!

I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and have received lots of amazing prezzies! Christmas is my most favourite time of year, I just love the festive feeling. This year I was incredibly spoiled, Scott and I decided this year we would spend christmas day at ours just us two since I have been working a lot I just wanted to have a chilled out christmas day.

Scott and I like to make stockings for each other every year, which are the first presents we open on christmas day. In my stocking this year I got some nail scissors (for trimming my brows) some makeup wipes, a new real techniques sponge because mine was really gross! He also bought me some dry shampoo although Scott usually uses most of my dry shampoo, I got an acrylic nail kit because I have run out of my acrylic liquid and the place I order mine from takes ages to deliver, he then also bought me some pro voke silver conditioner because I bought the shampoo the other week to get rid of the brassiness in my ombre. Finally in my stocking was a barry m nail polish in the most gorgeous dusky pink shade. I also had some Reeces chocolate and some nerds in my stocking but they're long gone!

From Scotts brother and sister-in-law they bought me a Betty bath and lotion set and some prosecco. I am really looking forward to having a bath with the bath crystals whilst having a glass of prosecco. I'll be the best time to wind down after working so much!

Scotts mum bought me the most adorable pyjamas and fluffy socks with pugs on, I'm sure a lot of you might already know that Scott and I have a black pug called Buzz so these pyjamas are literally perfect. they are so cosy and the top is so fluffy it even has ears!!! She also bought me two pairs of fluffy socks (one of which I am wearing now) Scott also bought me some pyjamas that I am also wearing right now.

Okay, so I'm not too sure if Scott is trying to tell me I smell as he bought me two bath sets but....The first set he bought me was this dove set which comes with an eye mask, body wash, deodorant, a body poof thingy, body butter, a car of soap and bath creme. The scent of this set is so relaxing I ca just imagine using these products to wind down after a stressful day at work.

The second set Scott bought me was a Soap and Glory set which he knows is one of  my all time favourite bath brands. Clean on me is the original scent and one of my favourites! I was so shocked that Scott remembered that I loved this brand, this set and the Dove set were ones I didn't ask for which made it even more surprising. 

Scott also bought me a Yankee Candle in Winter Glow, He knows that I am 100% obsessed with candles and he picked an amazing scent. This candle is sweet and warm without being too over powering which I really like, I had it burning all of christmas day and I made our living room smell amazing! It also helped really well with the awful smell of burning in our house, I forgot about the Yorkshire puddings in the oven and lets just say they were smelly and cremated sticking the house out (whoops).

my sister Rochelle came to see me a few days before christmas and she gave me my presents then, she bought me the MAC Fix + which I run out of ages ago and she also bought me two lush bath bombs (which I have already used).

This year Scott bought me two perfumes this one, Gucci Rush which is one that I asked for, it is the first perfume Scott ever bought me. He bought me this perfume (the first time around) from duty free on his way back from a lads holiday. Everytime I smell this perfume it brings me straight back to when we first got together, it is my all time favourite scent.

This next present was a total surprise, Scott bought me my pandora bracelet two years ago on valentines day and he has been filling it up ever since. He said he picked this charm after him and I dressed Buzz up in a santa hat and coat. I thought it was such a sweet thing to do and it is one of my favourite presents.

Finally my last presents was the second perfume from Scott, This was one I didn't ask for and I must say he done amazingly well! My sister has worn this perfume for years and I have wanted it ever since i first smelled it on her but I never wanted to spend so much money, Scott saw it was on an amazing deal on Boots and bought it for me without realising I had always wanted it! 

This christmas was so amazing it was a quite one with Scott and the dog which made it really special to me, I still have some presents to exchange with some of my family. The only downside to this Christmas is Scott and I decided we didn't really like turkey so have decided to have chicken in future haha!

What was your favourite present you received this year?


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