December Goals!

Hello Lovelies!

Okay, I know this post is slightly late but hey ho I'm finally getting around to it. I cannot believe it is already the last month of 2016!! Im sure you have all heard everyone saying this but it is so true, this year has flown by, I'm convinced as you get older time goes by much quicker, I mean christmas is exactly 2 weeks away holy shit balls!! I'll be honest I am currently writing this post whilst listening to christmas songs (I LOVE christmas)...nevertheless on to my December goals.

1: Become more motivated with blogging and social media.
Okay I have been rather slack on this front for a few months now and it isn't because I don't enjoy blogging because I love it, I think I've just caught the lazy bug! I need to start putting less pressure on myself to post because when I pressure myself I never get around to actually doing what I'm supposed to.

2: Get back into the routine of planning blog posts.
This is something I used to be really good at, when I didn't have a job I used to always have 2 weeks worth of posts planned and written, but with an incredibly busy work schedule that is near enough impossible. However I do want to write schedules of what I want to post and when, at least that way I know I have a time frame to get a certain post up, catch my drift?

3: Create a christmas playlist.
I love this time of year, and feeling festive but I find It's more difficult to get into the festive spirit as you get older. I always feel so christmassy when I listen to christmas songs so what better way than to have my own playlist of christmas songs I love.

4: Be more productive on my days off. 
Okay, I have a confession on my days off I like to laze around the house doing nothing (most of the time not getting dressed). I really want to get out of the habit of doing nothing on my days off because I am always left feeling as if I've done nothing but work all week. I find being lazy on all of my days off leaves me feeling really anxious and down too.

5: Create a cleaning routine/schedule.
Recently I have not been keeping up with my housework, that doesn't mean my house is dirty it just means it is messy more often than not. I really want to work out different chores to do on different days so I can keep on top of my housework rather than letting it build up all week and do it on the weekend. I find when my house is messy my mind is messy too I can't ever think clear or productively when I am surrounded by shit everywhere.

What are your December goals? comment below -xo


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