October Goals

Hello Lovelies!

So October for me is the beginning of Autumn, it's when I start to drink hot drinks more and wear fluffy socks. If you know me I love season changes especially spring and autumn, when spring starts I am adamant it's my favourite season and same goes for autumn. What can I say..I'm an indecisive person!

I have seen quite a few bloggers post their October goals and it got me thinking 'what goals do I have? What do I want to achieve'. Although my goals aren't life changing I thought I would share them as other peoples posts left me feeling inspired.

1. Buy Some Warm Scented Candles
I bloody well love warm/sweet speed candles, any cake or vanilla scened candle I want and need, I always have wax burners burning in my house as I love my house smelling nice but I especially like burning candles in the colder months, theres just something so nostalgic about burning warm candles in the autumn.

2. Try To Be More Consistent On Social Media
I started my new job in September so I have been getting back into the routine of having a job which means I have been awful at keeping up to date with my Twitter, Blog and Instagram. I just want to use October to get ac into the swing of things and find a balance between being a blogger and working.

3.Plan Future Blogposts
Similar to the last goal, I want to start to plan my blogposts again because if I'm honest I've been slacking. I find no only do my blogposts turn out 10 times better if I have planned them but I also find it easier to stick to my blogging schedule as I know what needs to go up and when. Ideally I would like to plan blogposts up until the new year.

4. Start Saving For Christmas
Okay, It's no secret but I friggin love Christmas it is literally my favourite time of year! Now I only have a part-time job so I don't earn a huge amount of money so if I want to buy people some nice presents I need to get saving like now! Saving for me is really hard as I love spending money so hopefully I a successful (wish me luck!).

5. Lose Half A Stone
I have been trying to lose weight for like 2 years now and I well and truly suck at it, I just love chocolate too much! Since being with Scott (3 years) I have put on a lot of weight which not only makes me unhealthy it also has made me feel unhappy so I want to set myself some goals on how much to lose each month to help me on my way.

6. Read More Books
I love reading, so much so I have a goal for this year to read 50 books so far I have read 38 which isn't bad going! However I haven't been reading as much as I would like really I think I am currently reading 5 books! So my goal this month is to finish all the books I am currently reading to help me on my way to completing this years reading goal.

Wish me luck with all of my October goals, some are more achievable than others but I hope to complete them all. I will be posting a follow up post at the end of this month to keep an eye out!

Do you have any goals this month? let me know in the comments below -xo



  1. Great goals! My goals are similar each month- I'm always trying to cross stuff off my to-do list or buy something lol. I guess this month I particular I'm also trying to get more blogging done overall and keep getting better at being more efficient and productive.

    1. My goals are usually quite similar too haha, Good luck with blogging more! -xo

  2. Love reading people's goal list! All yours are pretty much the same as my personal goal list, finally got my candle a few days ago! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I love reading goal posts too! although October didn't exactly go as planned for me haha -xo


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