Homemade Iced Coffee

Hiya loves! 

Todays post I thought I would share with you my homemade iced coffee recipe. Coffee is one of my all time favourite drinks but I don't always want hot coffee, Starbucks sell my favourite Iced coffee which I thought I would recreate at home. I have been making this for a good year or so now and I though it was about time I shared it with you guys.

How To

1: Pick an Instagram worthy cup as lets face it a cute cup makes drinking coffee much more enjoyable. 

2: Boil The kettle and add one teaspoon of instant coffee & two teaspoons of sugar to your chosen mug.

3: Once the kettle has boiled pour an inch of the boiling water into the mug to dissolve the coffee & sugar, then add half a tea spoon of vanilla extract & top up the mug with cold water roughly half way.

4: Finally pour in you milk to your liking, add a few ice cubes & voila homemade coffee!

This recipe is super simple but you could jazz it up anyway you like, you could add squirty cream to the top or even add some kind of cinnamon or gingerbread flavouring for the winter. 

Tip - If you want more wintery flavouring Tesco sell flavoured instant coffee in the winter e.g. Hazelnut and Caramel.

Let me know what you think of this recipe & if you are going to try it out, tag me in your recreations on Instagram @chloedentonxo 



  1. Can't beat an iced coffee, the perfect beverage in any weather!

    Parie x

  2. This sounds really yummy. I love iced coffee but every recipe Ive tried at home has been a complete fail. Im going to try this one out soon. I never even thought of adding vanilla extract to it.


  3. I have never tried iced coffee! I am going to have to give this ago!!

    Grace x

    1. You really should I cant get enough of it! -xo


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