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Hiya Lovelies!

Today I thought I would share with you, how I improved my Instagram feed. As a blogger social media plays an important role in my blogs growth and traffic, however before I revamped my feed my Instagram was rather irrelevant to my blog.

This is what my Instagram feed looks like now, as you can see all of the pictures are the same size, clear and bight, which I find to be more visually appealing compared to how my feed used to look.

This is how my feed used to look as you can see it was so messy and all over the place. Instagram used to cut off your pictures which would at times ruin the photo, so I used to have an app which allowed you to create a border which essentially shrink the pictures and added a thick border to the picture. The exposure was also turned right up on my photos which decreased the quality of the images. 


Image Quality: Make sure you take high quality photos on good lighting, to ensure the photo looks as attractive as possible. You don't need a fancy camera to take high quality photos, I take all of mine on my iPhone 6.

Editing: Sometimes editing a picture can improve your pictures. I rarely use filters on my photos, all I do to edit my photos is to adjust the brightness, contrast and clarify the image, to do all of these things I use an app called afterlight. I also use an app called Facetune, mainly on my eye pictures to smooth and whiten sections of the image. I personally prefer to keep my pictures as unedited as possible but thats my personal preference.

Followers: Okay, I get asked about this a lot! 'How do I get more followers', in all honesty Its all down to dedication and hard work. The tips I can give you are...Follow people who's feed you enjoy and are similar to your own. This way they will be more likely to follow back and also make sure you interact with people you follow. Another tip is to use tags, using tags relevant to the photo generate more traffic to your Instagram page.

What to post: Another thing to consider is what do you want Instagram for? Do you want it to correspond with your blog or just for personal images? If you are wanting it to work alongside your blog is is best to try ad stick to posting pictures which relate to your blogs nice. E.g. I write a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog so I stick to posting mainly beauty images. The odd random picture here and there is fine but you want to try and keep it working with your blog as thats most likely why people are following you.

I went from having around 3,000 followers before I started blogging to 10.1k followers a year later, I managed to grow my following by at least 7,000 in a year just by following these steps.

Feel free to follow my Instagram to keep unto date with me and my blog. I love interacting with people on Instagram so feel free to give me a follow and say hi! -@chloedentonxo

Do you have any Instagram Tips?



  1. These are some great tips especially the image quality one. I find it a little odd when people post a bad photo to Instagram when the main purpose of the app is to share photos. Saying that though, I've definitely uploaded some stinkers that were swiftly deleted once I came to my senses.

    Raise The Waves

    1. I've posted a few also which I've regretted and deleted straight away because of the terrible quality! -xo

  2. These are great tips! I've been working hard on my Instagram feed recently & am now much happier with it. I find I sometimes get an influx of followers & then only enough to balance out the unfollowers. I haven't managed to work out what I'm doing differently at these times, maybe it's nothing, but I'm trying to pin point it so I can rectify the situation. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. I've looked at your feed and its really pretty! What I tend to do to get a steady flow of followers is to try and post at least twice a day with relevant tags. I've noticed that when I post less I get less followers and more unfollowers -xo

  3. Thanks for some great tips. I'm really trying to up my Instagram game at the moment, but I find that it's the hardest platform to gain followers on for me.


    1. Thanks lovely! Instagram is such a hard platform to gain followers on I think for everyone as there are so many creative people out there! Something that might help you is to try and post roughly twice a day consistently so new people are regularly seeing your posts and hopefully hitting the follow button! -xo

  4. These are great tips. I also think posting often is one of the best ways to gain followers. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  5. those are some amazing tips! i am working on my ins feed haha

    jess x |

    1. Thanks lovely, Instagram is so different to how it used to be everything has to be so precise and perfect for success which is so difficult to achieve, I'll be honest I'm still struggling! I hope you get your feed to where you want it! -xo


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