How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Hi Loves!

Today I thought I would share with you, how I edit my Instagram photos. This is part of my blogging Tips series which I have recently started. My previous post was how to improve your Instagram feed & following.

This post is to show you how I edit my pictures and what apps I use.

Firstly, if it is a makeup picture I would import the picture I have taken into FaceTune, and use the smoothing tool to smooth any areas with any blemishes.

I would then use the details tool to enhance the detail of the makeup. This makes the makeup stand out much more than it would if I did nothing to the picture. This is all I really use FaceTube for, so i would then save the edited picture to my camera roll.

I would then import the edited picture from FaceTune and into another app called Afterlight. I would first use the brightness tool to increase the brightness. All of my pictures that I post to my instagram would have been edited using this app and in this order.

I then use the contrast tool to deepen the original colours as the brightness can sometimes reduce the colour quality. once I have the picture how I like it I will save it to my cameral roll and post it to Instagram. 

I dont do anything overly fancy to my pictures compared to other blogger I have seen using photoshop etc. 

This is the original Picture, as you can see the picture is as crisp or as bright as the edited version.

This is the edited version it has so much more detail and to me look much better than the dull original, What I love most about how I edit my pictures is this entire process will only take me about 5 minutes which is essential for me because once I have taken my Instagram photo I am impatient and just want to share it. haha.

How do you like to edit your photos?



  1. Afterlight is such a good editing ap, I use that and Vsco Cam! The edited version looks so clear and defined, and it's also a beautiful photo!

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Afterlight is by far the easiest one for me and what I need it for. awh thanks lovely! -xo

  2. the colour is more outstanding. i may try it. x

    jess x |

  3. Facetune is literally a life saver! I love it!


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