February Favourites 2016

Hi Lovelies!

Okay, I have a feeling I am going to be saying this A LOT this year, but how the heck is it already March? It must have something to do with me getting older because February flew by. I feel as though it was only yesterday I was making plans for christmas! Anyway enough of my rambling...

I feel as though February was a really good makeup month for me, product wise that is as the majority of these items are ones I rediscovered my love for.

MAC Fix + - I have a slight inkling that this product was in my last month favourites but hey ho. This product is such a godsend, I have mentioned before that i prefer to use powder contour over cream, so on top of all the other powdery products I like to put on my face I look like I have thrown flour on my face, luckily this product fixes that and leaves your makeup looking flawless. 

Soap & Glory Bronzer - I have been using this so much to bronze up my face and neck. I seem to be rather excited for summer because I have been tanning a lot more than I normally do. Fake tan doesn't seem to keep well on my neck and face which is why I have been using this product, it gives the most perfect sun kissed glow.

Urban Decay Naked Basics - I have been going for a much more simple eye look this month which is why I have been using my Naked Basics a lot more. If I'm honest I have only been using the shade Faint for in the crease.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo (pink gold) - I have been loving this on my lid this month. Everytime I decided to wear eyeshadow this has been on my lids. The thing I love most about this product is no only is it stunning but it lasts so long too!

MAC Soft Ocre - I have been using this as an eyeshadow base/primer, I thought I loved my Urban Decay Primer Potion but I honestly think it was because of the 'hype' I find it makes my eyelids really greasy whereas the MAC paint-pot doesn't seem to do that which is making my eyeshadow last so much longer. 

Spectrum - Flawless Finish C03 - I received this brush in a previous Birchbox, I also have quite a few other Spectrum brushes and I love them. I have been using this brush to apply highlighter to my cheekbone. This brush literally applies highlighter perfectly!

MAC 217 - This MAC brush has received so much hype in the beauty community, I have been lusting after MAC brushes so such a long time but never but the bullet and bought one ad they are so expensive. However I am so glad I bought this one it is AMAZING! I have been using it to blend out shadows in my crease and it works really well, it makes the gruelling blending process so much easier, spending that little but more on brushes really dos pay off!

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - This moisturiser is so versatile, it can be used anywhere on the body for chapping, scrapes or even flaking. I have been using this on my lips, I get really dry and chapped lips and have used so many different lip balms which I feel like none have really been that great until this one. It is so amazing after applying this I instantly notice a difference, I have been applying this several times a day and I have noticed such a difference in my lips. The only negative thing I have to say about this product is it doesn't taste all that great however the overall results are worth it!

MAC Velvet Teddy -  I have rekindled my love for this lipstick. When the huge hype of this lipstick erupted I of course jumped on the band wagon (I know, how basic of me) but I slowly started to go off it. In all honestly I really didn't like it, but I pulled it out this month and started using it again. it is definitely an all time favourite of mine.

What were you February favourites? Comment below!



  1. I really want to try the 8 hour cream and the mac paintpot. I love the maybelline colour tattoos x


    1. They are both amazing! Definitely worth picking up. I find the MAC paint pots work better than any of the eyelid primers I've ever used! -xo

  2. I own every product you mentioned - what a coincidence right? All the products you mentioned are some of my favourites!! Thanks for sharing:)


  3. Love the MAC Paint Pots, they're so easy to apply! Bare Study is one of my Feb Favourites and my Zoeva foundation brush :)

    The Modern Audrey

  4. I hate when the months fly by too and feel it's happened so quick! :( really enjoyed this post and I've been all over MAC Velvet Teddy too! such a pretty shade x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  5. That spectrum brush is really gorgeous, I love the colours! I can see why you have chosen these as your favourites products.

    Meme xx

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    1. I love spectrum brushes! They are so pretty but they are also inexpensive and stunning! -xo


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