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Hi Loves!

I thought I would share with you today my MAC lipstick collection. I must admit my MAC collection has doubled in the past month or so as I have become more and more obsessed with wearing lipstick, so naturally I have been buying more (whoops). MAC have got to be my favourite brand for lipsticks, although they are slightly pricier they are such amazing quality. When I decided I wanted to increase my collection I read a lot of these posts to see what lipsticks people were loving so I thought I would do the same for you guys.

In total I have 10 mac lipsticks, I will go through each one with a brief review, from left to right.

Velvet Teddy - Matte 
Of course I have velvet teddy in my collection, I think everyone has this lipstick, I was obsessed with it when the whole 'kylie Jenner' lipstick was a thing. I do still love it but I don't wear it as much as I used to. This lipstick is the perfect brown/nude. The best thing about this lipstick is, although it is matte it isn't drying and it also lasts quite well, however I find when I need to re-apply I can't apply it over the top as it feels way too heavy.

Flamingo - Lusture
I'm really not keen on this lipstick at all, I think not only is it too light for my skin tone but because it's a lustre it's rather sheer which looks awful on my lips.

Chatterbox - Amplified
This lipstick was my first ever MAC lipstick, I got it for my 15th birthday from my sisters. As you can see this lipstick was very much loved. I don't use this lipstick anymore as I feel like the blue under tones don't suit me anymore. The only reason why I still have this is for sentimental reasons, I'm sure being almost 4 years old it's gone off, I just can't bring myself to throw it away.

Chilli - Matte
This lipstick is the perfect fall shade, I think if you are looking for a red lipstick but aren't comfortable with a Marilyn red then this one is for you. What I love about this is it is such a unique colour. It's a red with orange undertones which gives it a slight burnt orange tone, don't let that scare you off though as it looks stunning on. Again this is a matte but it feels moisturising on the lips, it also lasts really well which is a plus!

Ruby Woo - Retro Matte
This lipstick is your bright Marilyn Monroe red, I haven't had the chance to wear this yet as I don't think I would be brave enough to rock it everyday. For me this would be perfect for a night on the town or date night. I have tried this on a few times however and it is so dry to apply, which it is known for. I personally don't think it would bother me all too much. If you are makeup obsessed like me you should have this in your collection as it is such a classic.

Twig - Satin 
I bought this the same time I bought Velvet Teddy, I personally prefer this to Velvet Teddy, It looks much softer and more feminine on the lips but it still has the 90s vibe to it. I still reach for this lipstick a lot and I like to dust my lips with some translucent powder to make it matte.

Captive - Satin 
This lipstick is so similar to Twig but it has a more pinky undertone compared to twig which has a more brown undertones. I love this lipstick to wear during the day, not only is it comfortable to wear but it also lasts really well too.

Diva - Matte
This is one of my more recent lipsticks which I have wanted for such a long time. I swatched it in a MAC store a while back and the lighting in the store made it look ridiculously purple which scared me little so I didn't buy it, however I decided to take the plunge and I am so glad I did. It does come out rather purple but it isn't too-in-your-face, I think the berry tones make it more wearable.

Rebel - Satin
This is another lipstick I have wanted for a while but was too scared to buy. The lighting in all MAC stores is shocking, when I swatched this on my hand it looked almost black so I didn't buy it. Then I kept hearing people talk about it so I ended up buying it (story of my life), like Diva I am so glad I did. It is a rather dark lipstick but it's again very berry toned so it makes it not too intense. This is the perfect winter shade in my opinion and I will be really gutted when summer comes along because I won't get to wear it as much.

Viva Glam Ariana Grande - Matte 
I'll be honest, the only reason why I bought this was not only is it limited edition but all of the proceeds go to charity. The proceeds from the sales go to a charity which supports people who a living with HIV/AIDS which I think is such an amazing cause. I must admit I don't think I will wear this lipstick as it is so so dark! But we will see!

So there you have it, my MAC lipstick collection. What is your favourite MAC lipstick?



  1. I actually don't own a single one of these shades! I also think I'm the only one in the whole entire world who doesn't own Velvet Teddy but I tried my friends one on me and think it was a bit too 'brown' for my skin tone but nonetheless gorgeous! I love how you have such an array of light to dark toned ones! I recently got Twig and I am totally obsessed, I would really recommend taking a look at it! xx

    1. Twig was one of the first Mac lipsticks I bought, it's one of my favourites I wear it so much! -xo

  2. I am loving your collection! I lately got my first MAC (Ruby Woo) and loving it now I have 3. x x

    1. Awh thanks lovely! Ruby woo is such a gorgeous colour! -xo

  3. All these lipsticks look beautiful.

  4. Looks like you are more of a dark lippy person, just like me! These shades all look so gorgeous. I do love MAC lipsticks! They can be quite pricey, but I think they are a decent price for what you get. Have no complaints to make about my MAC lipsticks!

    Chloe x | Beauty and the Girl

    1. I totally agree with you, I am definitely more of a dark lippy person, I find that lighter shades don't suit me all that great as I have online skin tone and rather red lips naturally -xo

  5. I haven't really tried any bright lipsticks from MAC but I have to say Chili looks divine! May have to be my next purchase... xx


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