5 Favourite Instagram Accounts

Hi Dolls!

I am so obsessed with Instagram at the moment. I feel as though there are so many amazing accounts out there that create beautiful content. I follow so many stunning accounts, I thought I would share my favourites with you guys.

1) Beauty by The Bunny

A lovely lady called Angelia is behind this stunning Instagram account. She is makeup crazy (like me) and shares gorgeous photos of her beauty products. She also has a beauty blog and youtube account both of which are worth checking out! If you are looking for an account to lustre over gorgeous products then this is the account for you!

This feed is run by Simone, She posts such pretty content. What I love most about this feed is it has the perfect balance of lifestyle and girly pictures. She has a feed that you could literally scroll through for hours! 

Lauren's feed has got to be basically everyones 'feed goals', every photo is amazing quality. This feed is so girly but not too in your face. What I love most about this feed is that the photos are so simple and bright they are easy on the eye. This is another feed you could spend hours looking through!

4) Basically A Princess 

Harriet has got to be one of the girlies girls I have come across on Instagram, although her picture quality is isn't as top notch as the others her feed still looks amazing! She has incredible style and seems to enjoy luxury items. I tend to find myself scrolling through Harriets feed when I want to get some inspiration of products or clothing I want to order.

Chloe is so popular on Instagram with over 30k flowers and she honestly deserves every one of them! her feed is so amazing! I love the animalistic feel of her feed. There is something so calming about scrolling through her feed. This is an account everyone needs to follow if you don't already! 

What is your favourite Instagram account?

Feel free to follow my Instagram chloedentonxo, I have recently upped my Insta game and have been taking more time to plan my photos and theme! 



  1. I love it's little lauren! Her photos are all so beautiful and inspiring, whenever I need some motivation/inspiration I visit her page! I'll have to check out these other pages, they look lovely as well, thank you for the recommendations! xo

    My Lovelier Days

    1. I agree her photos are stunning! I can't get enough of Instagram right now haha -xo

  2. I like following people who post photo's of books then I can find new ones to add to my collection, couldn't say a favourite as I follow way too many people :P

    Meme xx

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    1. Oooh I've never thought of following book related accounts. I love reading so will have to check some out, do you have any recommendations? -xo

  3. I don't follow any of these, but will take a look now. I am a huge user of instagram and feel free to follow me instagram.com/katielou_99


    1. They're definitely worth a follow, their pictures are stunning and inspiring -xo

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