My Top 5 Blogging Tips

Hiya Loves!

I thought I would share with you some blogging tips which I personally swear by. I feel as though these tips will be useful for people just starting their blog or even people who have been blogging for a while. I love reading these types of posts because I am always looking for more ways to improve my blog.

Be Yourself

Some people might be reading this and thinking, well duhh but you wouldn't believe the number of blogs I have read who have come across as fake. I know a lot of bloggers look up to the likes of 'Zoella' and 'tanya Burr' etc which is great, they have done amazingly well for themselves but I find a lot of bloggers only blog to try and become the next 'zoella'. I have seen so many bloggers who are practically mimicking the more well known bloggers which is incredibly off putting as you start to question if they are genuine or not. Just be yourself.

Picture Quality

For me picture quality is a biggie, I personally am more drawn to blogs with bright, good quality photos. Yes I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but I personally feel if bloggers are taking the time to take good quality photos they are more likely going to be more reliable in their content. Now, I am by no means saying you need to go and spend silly money on a fancy camera and huge studio lights because you can still take amazing pictures with your phone using natural light. I have recently invested in some studio lights as the lighting in my house is truly shocking but I take all of my photos using my iPhone 6.

Get Involved

The blogging community is huge, it's easy for your blog to get lost in the sea of millions of other blogs. I honestly think the best way to make a name for yourself and be seen is to interact in the blogging community. I myself am not 100% great at this as I am socially awkward and never know what to say to people. A great way to interact with other bloggers is to read their blogs and leave worthwhile comments, If you like something they write in a post, tell them. Another amazing way of getting involved in the blogging community is Twitter Chats, Twitter chats are generally a hashtag which is used by several bloggers to have a conversation about a chosen topic on a certain day of the week. I love getting involved in twitter chats and definitely need to make more of an effort to get involved in them. If you want to learn more about Twitter chats or to see the Twitter Chat schedule then check out my Twitter Chat blog post.

Social Media

Another great way to get your name out there and grow your blog is by using social media. I am a self confessed social media addict, I love all types of social media. Social media, especially Instagram and Twitter is a great way to increase your blogs traffic and to build a name for yourself. The main things I would suggest with social media is again be yourself, let your personality shine (cringe) wether thats through pictures on Instagram or a Tweet. Building up your followers on social media and sharing your blogs content through social media will naturally increase your blogs traffic. Check out my Twitter and Instagram (shameless self promo).


Honesty is the best policy, always be honest on your blog, especially when it comes to reviews. Even if you have been sent a product for review make sure you are honest, If you aren't it is obvious. You want your reader to trust what you're saying, you want them to hit the follow button and come back. If you are deceiving them and raving about a product you dislike for the sake of 'freebies' it will be apparent and you will definitely lose followers. I say this to everyone who asks me about starting a blog. Why do you want to blog? If its purely for free stuff then blogging isn't for you. You have to love blogging, if you do then it will show and it will essentially mean your followers will trust your judgement and return.

What are your blogging tips?



  1. Getting involved in Twitter chats is definitely a great tip. You're able to interact with other bloggers, drive traffic to your blog and meet a few blog sisters. I also need to work on getting more involved in Twitter chats as well, but I keep forgetting. Great tips!

    1. Thanks so much lovely, I set alarms for ones I want to get involved in and then always end up having to do something as it starts haha -xo

  2. These are really good tips, and some that I definitely apply to building my blog. Picture quality is the one that really stresses me out as the sun and I are complete frenemies right now but studio lighting is on my list of ways to fix that. Great post!

    Tazhiana |

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! That's the exact reason I bought some lighting. It's a total life saver. I can write posts at 12 at night if I feel like it's amazing -xo

  3. Some great blogging tips there. I totally agree with the being honest and being yourself, I don't like it when people just pretend to be someone who they're not. People should be blogging to enjoy it, not just to be like someone else.
    Katie x

    1. Exactly my point, people should be themselves and be proud of that. I don't think they realise that when they aren't genuine it is really obvious, thanks lovely I'm glad you liked the post :) -xo


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