Radley Watch - House Of Watches Review

Hey Dolls,

House of watches is a company who sells a huge rage of watches, Radley being one of them.

Although this isn't the type of watch I would normally go for I really like it. I love the colour and I really like the fact the strap is rubber. Having a rubber strap means the watch will be much more comfortable if wearing for long periods of time. 

I have recently started a new job so a watch like this would be perfect for me as it is comfortable to wear and is also not too big. Watches these days are huge! 

The packaging this watch came in was really pretty, as you can see by the picture the watch was strapped to a cushion and then put in a mint green box with lilac polka-dots inside. (Im slightly obsessed with cute packaging)

This watch could make such a good present for someone who is on the go a lot e.g. a work or for someone who is active as the rubber strap really is comfortable. It also comes in a few different colours

Even if this watch isn't for you House of Watches have so many watched and brands you are bound to find a watch you fall in love with!



  1. I've become a fan of simple watches over flashy so this is really cute! x


    1. I've never liked small watches but this one is an exception I love it -xo

  2. It's such a good idea to have a rubber strap - I love the look of it!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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