January Favorites 2016

Hi Dolls!

I cannot believe we are already a month in to 2016! Time definitely seems to go a lot faster as your get older! Slight confession...I bought a helluva lot of things in January (whoops). So I think I'm going to be on a buying ban for a while!

I bought this only about a week a go but I am obsessed! This Blackhead mask has been hyped over for a while now so I decided to take the plunge and give it a go, although it want much of a plunge as it was only £12! This has got to be the best blackhead removal mask I have ever used!! If you want to read my full review click here

I have seen so many people use the mac paint pots so I thought I would try one out, I got mine in painterly as it is one I hear a lot of people using. I am so glad I decided to try this out. It is so perfect for creating a smooth base for your eyeshadows. or can even be used over the lid on its own for more minimal makeup days. Love it!

I have been a fan of the MAC mineralized skin finish in Soft & Gentle for such a long time but I was getting so bored of using it. My makeup collection in slowly but surely increasing but one thing I lack is highlighters so I decided to get another mineralized skin finish, I got it in the shade Global Glow. Again I have heard so much about this product, what pushed me to buy it though was the shade. I fake tan a lot so I waned a deeper bronze highlighter, it is so perfect for when I'm tanned. 

Mac Fix + has been raved about for sooo long, I must admit I used to think it was a setting spray, I have seen so many people use it to set their makeup but that isn't what it is for. Fix + is for 'fixing' your base makeup, It is supposed to be spritzed on your face after you have applied all of you powders. It is to make your skin look flawless and not so powdery. I prefer using powder contour and cream highlight and then bake my highlight so I use a lot of powder so this has been so amazing.

The last beauty favorite I have is Mac Rebel, I have has my eye on this lipstick for ages and decided this month I couldn't live without it (that was a little dramatic). I have been using this so much it is such a pretty deep berry tone purple. I was really nervous about it being really dark but it really isn't, It's so much more wearable than I originally thought! If you want to see all of the other MAC goodies I bought this month then click here.

I know I am extremely late on the whole gossip girl thing, but I watched it non-stop this month! I have finished the whole show now though (insert crying emoji here). I cannot believe it is over!!! I also want to marry Chuck Bass! Oh if you haven't seen/hear of Gossip Girl go and check it out, its so so so so good! (yep I'm fangirling).

Another recent obsession of mine is planning. I have become such a planning addict, so much so I now have an Etsy shop where I sell stickers I make for the Erin Condren Life Planner. Which is what I have pictured above. I used to have a personal planner which I did love but I prefer the Erin Condrens, I am so happy I bought this, I only bought the standard Gold one as you have to get them imported from America and I didn't want to have to pay loads of import taxes. I have been using my planner non stop! 

Shameless promotion alert! I have got back in to being obsessed with Instagram! I recently went off Instagram because my feed just didn't look how I wanted it to and it got rather frustrating until...I invested in some studio lights for taking my blog and Instagram photos and I am obsessed again. I now have a feed I am proud of and like to spend a lot of time and effort to make it look better and better. I also have been loving following and discovering new people. I am trying to get to 10k followers at the moment so I would love for you to follow me! :* 

If you have read this far then leave a comment letting me know what is is your favourite Instagram account! What has been your favourite this month? 



  1. Love your blog! I just followed you. Hope you will follow my blog!
    XX, Gina


  2. I have had my eye on the Mac Paint Pot, it sounds so good!



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