Black head Removal Kit Review.

Hi Loves!

Today I thought I would review this black head removal kit for you guys. Lets face it no matter how well we look after our skin we will all at some time or another get black heads! I have tried out so many different blackhead pore strips and to be quite honest they have never worked for me, to be honest I think they'r a gimmick.

I have heard so many good things about this particular black head removal kit, after watching a few YouTube videos as well I decided to give it a go. Another plus side is that it was only about £12 form Amazon.

The English translation of the instructions is terrible so I watched a YouTube video before giving it a go.

This is what you get inside the box,You get solution 1 which is for opening your pores. I made sure I have clean cleansed skin before applying this. I massaged a generous amount into my nose which is where most of my blackheads are. It is then recommended for you leave it on your skin for about 8 minutes. After the 8 minutes are up I then washed off solution 1. I also left my nose slightly damp for applying solution 2.

Next I applied solution 2, which is the actual mask. I applied to my damp nose in a generous amount and left it to dry. It took about 30 minutes to completely dry. Once dry I pulled the mask upwards instead of from the side. I must admit when pulling the mask off it did hurt a little but I think thats from it sticking to the little hairs on my face. 

Finally after I peeled off the mask I then applies solution 3 which is to soothe and close your pores. My skin felt so soft after this step!

Okay so...did I like it? YES! oh my, oh my, this has got to be the only blackhead mask that has ever worked for me. No it didn't remove all of my blackheads but it did remove a lot. It is recommended you do this twice a week which I definitely will be doing. 

What is your favorite blackhead removal product?


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