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Hi Loves!

I know this post is rather late but, better late than never in my eyes right?

2015 was such an amazing year for beauty products in my opinion. I created my blog in 2015 therefore I accumulated a lot more makeup than I would have if I didn't write this blog. I have been extremely lucky to be able to try out so many amazing products.

Fleur De Force - The Glam Guide 
I know that this is 'technically' not beauty but I thought I would include it in this post as it is a book on beauty. This book is such an amazing one for beauty novices or those who just like to read about beauty. I wouldn't consider myself a beauty novice but I'm a definitely not a know-it-all when it comes to makeup and this book did teach me a few things I would have never thought about. It's worth checking out if you haven't already.

YSL- Black Opium
This scent is so amazing! My sisters bestie gave me a tester of this and I fell in love with it and couldn't resist buying it. It is a pricey perfume but so worth it. It is a very sweet scent and it lasts such a long time which I love. Whenever I wear this I always seem to get complimented on it which is a major plus! this is the perfect winter/evening scent.

Urban Decay - De-slick Setting Spray
I love love love this product! I have/had oily skin so I decided to buy the oil control setting spray and I honestly cannot get enough of it. My foundation is always the first part of my makeup which tends to come off throughout the day but since using this is lasts all day or night if I go out haha! I think I will try the original version of this when I run out.

Lush - Eau Roma Water
I bought this towards the end of 2015 but I couldn't not include it. I know this is slightly dramatic but this product has literally changed my life!! Since using this product my skin has become so much clearer and brighter! seriously you all need to buy it if you don't have it already! Don't get me wrong it isn't a miracle worker, I do still get spots, I mean I am a girl with hormones after all (soz for the TMI).

Urban Decay - Naked 2
Okay so, I have a little confession.. During 2015 I bought all of the naked palettes including the naked basics (whoops). I do love all of the Naked palettes, I couldn't live without them actually but the Naked 2 is my favourite. I like how they are toned down shades, they are dusty pinky, purple shades but it also has a couple of darker shades to give you the option to smoke it out which I love.

Benefit - Roller Lash 
This mascara is my all time favourite. I have extremely short stubby lashes (yes you can laugh). This mascara however actually makes my lashes look long! I couldn't imagine not having this mascara in my collection!

Benefit - Hervana 
Benefit boxed blushes were also another thing I went a little crazy buying in 2015. I didn't go as crazy and buy them all (but I am planning on it), I did buy quite a few. It was really hard to pick just one but I decided to settle on this one. I like to fake tan a lot because I hate being pale, so this blush is the perfect shade for when I am tanned. It isn't as light as most blushes but it still gives the subtle flush of pink which I love.

Garnier - Micellar Cleansing Water
This has been an every month favourite for me this year and I think it will continue to be. I know people have said that this is a dupe for the much loved Bioderma but I personally prefer this one. I haven't used Bioderma all that much I must admit I have only used a small sample which I received in a Birchbox so who knows maybe I'll try out Bioderma properly this year.

MAC - Velvet Teddy
This lipstick has been, in my opinion the most talked about and lusted over lipstick this year. To tell you the truth I will totally back up the hype. This lipstick is such and amazing, subtle browny nude it is perfect for day-to-day wear but also looks just as gorgeous of a night time. It has been and still is my most reached for lipstick. I will definitely re-purchase this again and again!

MAC - Soft & Gentle
This highlighter is literally BOMB! I could not live with out this! I cannot get over the gorgeous, sexy sheen it gives your cheek bones. This is my favourite highlighter of all time, so much so that I have also got my big sister hooked on it. She tried mine when we were getting read for a night out and she had to buy one for herself (after trying, and failing to convince me to giver her mine).

So there you have it! Apologies for the lengthy post! Well done if you made it to the end. If you did comment down below your most loved item of 2015.



  1. I have The Glam Guide book and it's indeed amazing! And I will definitely try the De-slick Setting Spray, as my makeup always comes off throughout the day too, hope it will help. :)
    btw your blog is so pretty x


    1. I hope you get on well with the De-slick setting spray! Thanks lovely -xo

  2. I love most of these products as well! Great post :)

    xo, Liz


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