Stocking Stuffer Ideas Him & Her / Blogmas Day 2

Hi Loves!

I personally find it relatively difficult to think of stocking stuffer ideas so I though I would think o fa few and write a post for you incase you're stuck like I was.

For Him

Comedy Dvd's are always a good stocking filler for your boyfriend, dad, cousin, anyone really. if you're buying for you boyfriend this could be something you could watch together. The reason I chose a stand up comedy dvd is because it is easier to pick than a normal film as 9/10 you can go wrong it is also something you could watch more than once and not get bored.

Socks are your typical stocking stuffer present, there really isn't much I can say about socks other then everyone needs them haha!

Sweeties are also the perfect stocking stuffer and will always been used or in this case eaten, just make sure to buy their favourite!

Car cleaning products are always a practical stocking stuffer. Most men tend to spend way too much time caring for their cars, I know my boyfriend does anyway. Christmas is the perfect time to stock them up on they favourite brands as the good ones aren't always cheap.

For Her

Bath and body sets are the perfect inexpensive stocking filler, I personally like to receive these types of gifts as I do like to pamper myself of a regular basis!

Lush products / Gift sets are another goos stocking filler as they are inexpensive and also incredibly popular. I love lush and I spend way too much money on their products so a few bath bombs here and there to put in the stocking won't break the bank and will be loved too!

A cute notebook would be the perfect stocking filler for an avid list maker or a fellow blogger. I know I am counting on getting a ew cutesy looking notebook in my stocking as I am always planning posts and I just generally love stationary.

Most girls love candles, I have no idea what it is but I personally can't get enough of them (yes I'm a little obsessed) A Yankee Candle would be the perfect stocking stuffer as they are affordable but they are pricey enough to not want to buy them for yourself (am I making any sense?) Ha! 

I think smaller presents like stocking stuffers tend to be the one where my mind goes blank and stays blank so hopefully if you're like me this post would have helped you a little, What are your stocking stuffer ideas?



  1. Socks and underwear are always a great go-to! I always love that my mum stocks me up on girly necessities - cotton pads, kirby grips, hairbands etc! All those little bits you always need.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. I always say it isn't Christmas unless I get socks and pyjamas haha. Girly bits like those are great stocking stuffers! -xo


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