Origins Clear Improvements Mask Review / Blogmas day 6

Hi Loves!

My all time favourite pamper & skincare product is a face mask. I have quite a few different face masks which do different things but what I have noticed about my skin which is what bothers me the most is my large pores. So I decided I would do some research to see what skincare products help with shrinking pores.

A lot of the articles and blog posts I read recommended charcoal masks, Intrigued I decided to research the best charcoal masks. There were obviously a lot of masks to choose from but I decided to go for this Origins one as I know it is  much loved skincare brand but most importantly it has really good reviews.

The charcoal in this mask acts as a magnet to unclog your pores. I apply a generous layer all over my face and wait for it to dry and tighten. When I feel like it is ready to come off I just take a soft face cloth and rinse with warm water. Once all of the product is washed off I then will splash cold water on my face to close my pores pat my face dry and moisturise.

After first use I noticed my pores appeared smaller already which really impressed me. I have been using this mask for a coupe of months now and I love it. I do use other masks but this is the one I find myself repeatedly going back to. I think I might have found my holy grail face mask. I think even if you don't have visibly large pores you should try this product as it draws out impurities you might not even be able to see! I love love love it!!

What is your favourite face mask?



  1. I use the exact same mask!! I love it, and I reviewed it on my blog too last month!!

    Audra Koch


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