My Christmas Wishlist / Blogmas Day 4

Hi Loves,

I thought I would share my christmas wish list with you today, I have seen a lot of posts and videos like this when I was stuck on what I wanted so I thought you might benefit from this post like I did seeing others...Obviously this list isn't based on thing I expect it is simply an Idea of things I would like.

iPhone 6s Rose Gold £539

I will definitely not be opening this on christmas day as it is super expensive, It's simply my wishful thinking. I have wanted this ever since it was announced Apple were bringing out a rose gold iPhone so I thought I would ass it to my wishlist.

Portable Home Studio £37.72

Since it is winter there is terrible lighting, there is probably only a couple of hours a day where you can take acceptable blog and Instagram photos. I have been contemplating getting proper lighting for a while now. I was torn between this style and two soft boxes but I think this portable home studio will be more suitable for blogging & Instagram pictures as it is smaller and easier to store.

MelodySusie Pink Curing Lamp £24.99

I have recently started doing my own acrylic nails, I always used to have my nails done in salon but at £25 a time it gets really expensive. I always enjoyed doing my own nails so I thought I would teach myself how to do my own acrylics to save money and I enjoy it. I want to do my own gels and shellacs too but need a lamp.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette £39

I'm sure you have heard of this palette before, if you haven't where have you been?? I am ridiculously late to jump on the band wagon, I have been wanting this palette for such a long time so would be over the moon if I opened this on christmas day.

Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Set Vol.1 £85.22

I have wanted this set of makeup brushes for such a long time now. As much as I love my Real Techniques makeup brushes I want to get some luxury ones and lets face it these rose gold ones are so pretty!

Gucci Rush £93.33 per 100ml

This has got to be my most favourite perfume ever, This is the perfume Scott brought back from his holiday when we first got together 2 years ago. This scent is so pretty! it reminds me of the giddy feelings and excitement of being in a new relationship. This will always be my signature scent but I've run out :( 

These items aren't really a christmas list  because I have a huge wish-list which is pages and pages long. Being a beauty blogger my wish-list is endless, but it is a small idea of what sort of things I would like to receive.


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