Why It's Best To Be Organised

Hey Lovelis!

Blogging can at times be overwhelming! You can feel a lot of pressure to post on your scheduled days. If like me you aim to post twice a week you have to be organised.

Planning, Planning, Planning!

Planning is fundamentally the most important aspect of being organised. Planning what you are going to post and on when will help you stay on schedule.


Writing lists for me is a total life saver. I am love having a notebook and pen to write down blogpost ideas and general to do lists whether thats writing down my monthly favourites or a to-do-lost of what photographs I need to take. Writing lists will help you stay organised and on topic. You can also write lists on your phone or laptop but I personally like to put pen to paper.

Blog Planner

Planners so the same thing a calendar will do but they are easier to take on the go and you can also be more creative with them. I bought my blog planner from thebloggersplanner.com. The planners are rather pricey you don't have to spend so much on a planner but these specific planners are for bloggers. I love getting creative with my planner. I like to use stickers, coloured pens you name it to make it look more interesting and pretty. It also encourages me to use it more too!


I have a terrible habit of signing up to random newsletters etc so my inbox gets incredibly full with spam and junk. When making my blog I decided to make a Gmail account for only blog related emails. It is essentially my 'business' email. One thing I love about Gmail is they categorized your emails in to three sections. 1: primary for emails from other people etc. 2: Social this is where you get notified for new blog comments and finally 3: promotions, this is where the newsletters etc you sign up for will go. there is also a spam/junk folder which does what it says on the tin.



  1. I've been wanting to invest in a new diary for ages! Will definitely check this out! x


  2. just the post I was looking for! thanks for great tips

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer

  3. Yes, it's so good to be organized! BUT it's so difficult to do! ;))


    1. I know! I am trying so hard to be organised at the moment! I feel so much better about myself when I have been organised though! -xo

  4. Some great tips here Chloe :) I need to up my organisation skills when it comes to my blog!



    1. Thanks love! I always find my posts end up looking and sounding a lot better when I have spent time to plan them instead of leaving them until last minute -xo


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