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Hey Loves!

I have decided to do a series of posts containing blogging tips. Blogging tips posts have got to be one of my favourite type of posts, as I love learning new things about blogging and I'm sure every other blogger does too.

This post is going to be about Twitter chats. I have only recently learned about twitter chats and I thought I would write about them as they are not only fun to participate in but also can be really helpful.

How to:

- Search the relevant twitter chat by searching the correct hashtag. make sure you only consider participating in chats relevant to your blogs niche.

- to join the chat you simply just need to add the hashtag to your tweets.

- Most chats will have different topics and hosts each time, it will be the host who picks the questions.

- The questions will be labeled Q1, Q2, Q3 and so on, to answer the questions you will include A1 A2, A3 so on for the relevant question you're answering.

- Keeping up with the speed of the tweets in the chat can be rather difficult so these websites can make it slightly easier.,,or 

- The chats will then end with a link share. You can share links to your blog or new posts etc. It also gives you the opportunity to discover new blogs. 

- The biggest tip of all is to not just go to a twitter chat if you only intend to post you links and not contribute to the chat at all as people will know you are only interested in sharing your link and that you don't really want to be there. The other people in the chat will unlikely click your link if thats the case.

Twitter Chat Schedule
All Times are UK Times


 #CREATIVEBIZHOUR – Creative chat – 8pm – 9pm
#BDIB – ‘Bloggers do it Better’ – 7pm – 8pm
#FBLOGGERS – Fashion blogger chat – 8pm – 9pm
#HEALTHYSELVES – Chat about being and getting healthy – 8pm – 9pm
#MHMONDAY – Chat about mental health – 8pm – 9pm
#BEAUTYBABBLE – Chat about all things beauty – 8pm – 9pm
#IRISHBLOGGERS – Irish Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle bloggers – 8.30pm – 9.30pm


 #CRAFTBLOGCLUB – For all craft bloggers – 7pm – 8pm
#BOOKBLOGGERS – Author, book and literary chat for all book bloggers – 7pm – 8pm
#FBLCHAT – Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger chat – 7pm – 8pm
#SBNChat – Scottish Blogger Network Chat – 6pm – 7pm
#MYBCHAT – PR, networking and how to best market your blog – 7pm – 8pm
#UKBLOGTALK – General blogging chat – 8pm – 9pm
#BLOGHOUR – General bloggers chat – tips, advice and ideas – 9pm – 10pm
#TWEETURSIS – A chat about promoting small businesses for women – 9pm – 10pm


 #LBLOGGERS – Chat for Lifestyle bloggers – 7pm – 8pm
#STYLECHAT – All things fashion and style – 8pm – 9pm
#BBOE – ‘Blogging Bit Of Everything’ – all things blogging – 9pm – 10pm
#BBLOGGERS – Beauty blogger chat – 8pm – 9pm


 #BLOGGERSPACE – Chat for all bloggers wherever you are – 7pm – 8pm
#FBLOGGERS – Fashion blogger chat – 8pm – 9pm
#CFBLOGGERS – Chat for cruelty free beauty bloggers – 8pm – 9pm
#MONETISEMYBLOG – Tips and advice on monetising your blog – 8pm – 9pm
#VLOGGERSCHAT – Chat for the vlogging community – 8pm – 9pm

#BDIB – ‘Bloggers do it Better’ – 7pm – 8pm
#BEAUTYCHAT – General chat about all things beauty – 6pm – 7pm
#MBLOGCHAT – A chat for mum bloggers – 8pm – 9pm


#SOCIALBLOGGERS – General chat for all bloggers – 6pm – 7pm


#30SBLOGGERS – Chat for bloggers in their 30s – 9pm – 10pm
#LBLOGGERS – Chat for Lifestyle bloggers – 7pm – 8pm
#BBLOGGERS – Beauty bloggers chat, with a topic you can vote on – 8pm – 9pm
#PSBLOGGERS – Plus size bloggers chat – 9pm – 10pm

Do you enjoy Twitter chats? Would you want to participate in one?



  1. Thank you SO much for this post! I always see people talking about twitter chats but never really understood what they were!

    I will be saving this page for future reference for the hashtags!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. I used to hear about them a lot too! They are so much fun and also give bloggers opportunities to connect with brands and other bloggers. In glad you'll be saving it for future reference! I am constantly referring back to this to double check what hashtag is what day/time haha -xo

  3. Thank you so much for posting the Twitter Chats Schedule, I wrote them down on a sticky note and stuck it on my laptop so I don't forget. Thank You!

  4. I had no idea about those sites that make it easier to keep up with Twitter chats, thank you. It's also really handy to have all the scheduled times for the different chats. Great and helpful post.

    Emma xx


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