Makeup Revolution Haul + First Impressions

Hi Loves!

So recently I made the decision that I needed to up my contour game. I had been using only powder to contour and really wanted to try out cream contour. Naturally I wanted the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit but I didn't want to spend so much on something I didn't know I would like or not. So I thought I would buy the cheaper option everyone seems to be loving! of course me being me I couldn't just order one thing...So I ordered a few (whoops).

The first product I picked up was obviously the Ultra Cream Contour Palette, I have mixed hopes for this product. I had high hoped because I had heard endless good things about it but I was still on the fence as it is a cheap brand. But sure enough it is amazing! This palette was only £8.00 which is much a bargain as you get 4 contour shades and 4 highlight shades. I still need to practice with this more as I am so used to powder contour but so far I have been loving it!

Next because I got the cream contour kit me being me had to get the Ultra Powder Contour kit too. Like the cream contour kit this was only £8.00 which is so good! This palette comes with three contour shades, and 5 highlight shades, the last two highlight shades are their two best selling baked highlighters. This palette is surprisingly pigmented, I haven't played around with the baked highlighters yet as they are very glittery but I will have to try them out next!

I then decided I was going to buy one of their blush palettes as I don't have as much blush as I would like (typical makeup addict). The palette I chose is their Ultra blush Palette in Hot Spice which was £6.00. I chose this palette as I think the deeper blushes will be perfect for this time of year. Like the powder contour kit these blushes a highly pigmented which I love! They also last really well on my skin.

The last product I bought was the Essential Mattes 2 eyeshadow palette this palette was only £4.00! I bought this because I don't own one palette which is completely mattes, I think for day time wear in the winter is perfect for mattes like these ones. My favourite shade for the crease in this palette is the second to last shade because it is a dusty purple shade which looks so pretty!

Well thats all I have to haul, these are my first products from Makeup Revolution and I will be honest I am loving them they are amazing for the price. I kind of want to collect all of the palettes, (what can I say, Im a self confessed makeup junkie).

What are you favourite products from Makeup Revolution?



  1. I've loved all of the makeup revolution products I've tried x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. These are the first ones i've tried and I'm loving them, I will definitely be buying more! -xo

  2. I reaaaally want the cream contour palette!

    Claudia Harriet

    1. It's so good especially for how inexpensive it is too! -xo

  3. The contour palettes seem like a good bargain, I might even have to check them out. I also really love all your beauty posts. I even join your site.

    Check out my blog as well:

    1. They are definitely worth it! Amazing for the price. Awh thanks :) -xo


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