Witch Blemish Stick: Review

Hey Loves,

Apologies for not posting last week, sometimes blogging can be rather stressful when you have so many posts you need to write! I just needed to have a little break from all of the stress. But I'm back and raring to go!

I have had a huge break out recently which is why the products I was sent to review haven't been reviewed yet, I wanted for my skin to be naturally clear before trying out new products so I would know if they break out I would know they were the problem.

I love receiving and buying new skincare, I tend to sped more time down the skincare isle in Tesco then I do during my whole food shop! A few months back on a whim I bought the Witch Blemish stick.

At first I thought it wast going to be that great as it was only £2.50. The first time I used it I just used it on the blemishes I had on my face and i noticed a different within a day! My blemishes were smaller and on the verge of disappearing! I tend to get a lot of those under-the-skin spots which hurt and look like another head growing on my face! (I know gross). This stick clears them in a matter of days! where as noting had worked to get rid of them before!

Now this is a staple in my skincare routine. I don't use it everyday but if I have a break out like the one I have had recently I will rub it all over my face after washing my face. I like to to it just before bed so I know it will have a chance to work properly without me applying makeup over the top of it.

If you haven't tried this yet then you seriously need to it is so amazing, and so cheap also!

I will be reviewing some new skincare during the course of a couple of weeks! 


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