Imperial Candle Review

Hello Loves!

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend, (Even though the weather was crap). Sometime last week I came across a company called imperial candles. They sell candles and bath bombs which all contain a jewel worth from £10 to £2,000! which I think is such a fun concept. i was lucky enough for them to offer to send me some of their products for review. The asked me what scents I like and also for my ring size, their customer service is amazing and they sent my products out the next day!

First they sent me their Black Raspberry Vanilla ring candle which retails at £28.99. The packaging is so pretty! and more importantly the candle smells amazing! Their candles are soy candles which means they burn longer than most candles do. When this candles is buring it fills the whole room so quickly, it is such a warm and relaxing scent. When I got to the little foil package in the candle I was really excited to see what I had got. I was lucky because the ring inside my candle is so pretty! it retails at £30. 

Next they sent me one their bath bombs which retail at £14.99. The bath bomb sent me was the fizzy lemon bath bomb. It smelled amazing! it turned my bath a gorgeous bright green colour. The jewel i got inside my bath bomb was this pretty necklace. Although it isnt quite to my taste it is still good quality and pretty.

I highly recommend imperial candles as not only are their products amazing quality but they coe with an added bonus of having a jewel in every one! 

you can check out there website Here

I would love it if you could comment below your thoughts on this brand and ints concept!



  1. I have always wanted to try some of these jewelry candle things but have been hesitant. These items are gorgeous, definitely seems worth it! XO -Kim

    1. They really are worth it. I thought It could be a little gimmicky but this particular brand isn't. I would happily pay the prices for their products been without the excitement of finding a jewel inside because the quality is amazing! -xo

  2. This seems like a really cute brand, I love the idea of mixing jewellery with bath bombs and candles :) So unique and pretty! xx
    Chasing Belle

    1. The brand is so good! I highly recommend them! -xo


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