June Favourites

Hello Lovelies!

I cannot believe it is already July. It only seemed it was yesterday we were saying happy new year! June was such a good month for favourites!

If you have seen my previous post about my new skin care routine you would know that I am trying out a one brand only skin care routine. My favourite product has been the Simple kind to skin soothing facial toner. I have found that it has reduced my redness on my face and it also take off my makeup so so well. 

I have also been using this MAC oil control moisturiser. I have been using it underneath my foundation. I can honestly say this product is amazing! If you have oily skin I highly recommend this product. After wearing my makeup for a few hours I tend to get oily in my T zone and it has been especially bad since it has been getting hotter. Thankfully this moisturiser actually works and I stay matte all day!

Most of you would have probably already heard of Benefits POREfessinal. Well maybelline have brought out a rather good dupe. I have large pores on my nose and along my cheeks so the Benefit POREfessional worked really well for me however I did't want to use the POREfessional on a daily basis as it is rather pricey. So I heard that this Maybelline Baby skin was a dupe for the benefit one. I gave it a go and really liked it, It isn't quite as good as the POREfessional but it is perfect for using on a daily basis.

I'm sure you have all heard about this mascara. a lot of bloggers and beauty lovers have been raving about this new benefit roller lash mascara. I bought it not long after it came out and I put off using it as I have a few mascaras open already. When I came to use it I didn't like it at first because it had a rather wet formula, after using it a few times and it dried a little I really like it. It makes my lashes so thick and long. I'll definitely be repurchasing this.

This is the one and only Benefit eyeshadow I have and it is amazing. I will definitely be trying out more of their eyeshadows. The reason why I love this eyeshadow so much isn't just because the pigmentation is amazing, but the colour looks so pretty on it own. I think minimal makeup in the hot weather is so much more attractive and much more comfortable. I have been using this eyeshadow everyday in June and I will continue to wear it.

Like a lot of people nowadays I am obsessed with Netflix. I am the type of person who loves to sit and binge watch a good tv show all day. I used to watch once upon a time a while a go but I have recently got back into it (Ive almost watched them all) It is a show about fairytale characters in the real world. It is so so good!!

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I would love to know your favourites of this month.

Much Love



  1. I need to start watching Once Upon a Time! And the mascara looks beautiful!


    1. It is so good I definitely recommend it! The mascara is really good too and the packaging is to die for :) -xo

  2. I keep hearing about Once Upon A Time, I think it's time I gave in and start watching it.
    Nice to read your June favourites, where is the time going!?

    www.awalkbesideme.blogspot.com :) x

    1. You definitely should give it a go it's so good! I'm obsessed I've now finished all of the seasons on Netflix! -xo


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