July Favourites

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you have all had a good month, by the looks of how the weather has been recently summer is almost over. I am sorry to admit but I am actually really looking forward to fall!!

This month I have been loving the Simple Kind To Skin soothing facial toner. I have been using this to remove my makeup and to also tone my skin after a bath or shower. I really like this for removing my makeup but I find I aways need to use a makeup wipe to get the rest of my mascara off my lashes which isn't a problem for me.

The facial wipes I have been using and loving this month are the Yes To Grapefruit correct and repair brightening facial wipes. I really like these wipes but they do tend to sting my face I will definitely carry on using the Yes To brand but I think I will try a different type of their wipes so see which ones work best for my skin.

I am 100% in love with the Rimmel Good To Glow Highlighter and Illuminator (mine is in 003 soft glow) I have been using this on top of my prier but under my foundation. I have been applying this all over my face with my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge (which I also love) this product leave my skin with the most gorgeous glow ever! You have to give this a try!

Oh my god! I know I am extremely late on the Ben Nye Banana powder band wagon but this is AMAZING!! It doesn't quite give me the Kardashian highlight but it does leave my under eye area looking smooth and bright! I have large pores in that area so to find a product smooth them out and make them almost invisible is a total god send! You definitely need to try this out!!!

I have a few of the Benefit Boxed blushed but I have found myself reaching for the Dandelion one most this month. It is the prettiest soft pink colour ever. I personally don't like the string blush so this is perfect for me but it is also build able if you do like the string blush look.

I have extremely short and straight lashes so about 6 months ago I used to wear false lashes everyday.  I ended up becoming really lazy so I stop but recently I have wanted to wear them again. I know that the Demi Wispies from Ardel are extremely popular in the beauty community and now I know why. they are the most pretty natural but dramatic lashes ever! I know you're thinking dramatic and natural..how does that work. Well I honestly don't know but you must try them and you will defiantly know what I mean when you do I have really round eye and these lashed really suit me. I think that these lashes would suit any eye shape! Love Love Love!!

It is no secret that I am in love with Pretty Little Liars I have re-watched all of the seasons a couple of times. It is also the soul reason I pay for Netflix! but can I say (no spoilers) that the current season is getting so good!! It so horrible having to wait for new episodes! If you don't know what Pretty Little Liars is go check it out you will not be disappointed! 

I have also been obsessed with Jess Glynne-Hold my Hand. I have seen her live and she is amazing but this particular song is one that I can listen to again and again and not get tired of it!!

I have always loved Instagram but I have been loving it more this moth. I have been following so many more people and trying to interact more with people I follow and my Followers! If you wan tot follow me my Instagram is chloedentonxo :) 

Lastly I have been loving Twinings Camomile and Honey tea. This tea is so good! It is so sweet and I have found myself wanting to have a cup of it to relax me in the evenings. It is so so yummy!!!

I hope you liked this post and well done for getting this far! If you read to the conclusion comment your favourite colour below! I would also like to apologise for the poor quality photos the weather has been miserable so I have had to result to using my light rather than natural light which has sadly given the photos a yellow/orange tinge :( I would love to know what you favourites have been this month, Tweet me to we can dicuss out favourites or anything else! @chloedentonxo

Much Love



  1. I love favourites posts so much, and I have just been writing my own for July. You have a great list of things, I love pretty little liars too!

    1. Favourites posts are so good! I always end up shooing online after reading them! Thanks lovely :) -xo

  2. I really like Simple skincare and Yes to ___ .. you should give blueberry a try, it's so moisturising. Finally, someone that is obsessed with PPL just like me! :) Hmm .. as for my favorite colour .. I like purple!

    Ree xx

    1. Oooh I'll have to try it out thanks! PLL is amazing I'm actually contemplating starting it all
      Over again! Nice mines pink :) -xo

  3. I love the Yes To Cucumber wipes! They don't sting at all and are very cooling! xx

    Jessica // LIpsAndTrips

    1. I think they're the ones I'm going to try next -xo

  4. I love Benefit's Dandelion,it's such a pretty shade of pink :) I'm also obsessed with Pretty Little Liars,I'm working my way through season 5 at the moment! xx


  5. I used to love pretty little liars.... now the story line is getting so crazy I can hardly follow it!

    1. It is so hard to follow, but I still can't get enough of it haha -xo


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