Love Tanya: Book Review

Hello Lovelies!

Most of you may know that Tanya Burr has released her own book this year. Tanya Burr is most famously know for her YouTube channel and for her cosmetics. I purchased this book not only to write a review on my blog but because I have been watching Tanya's YouTube videos for such a long time and I think she seems as though she is a genuinely lovely person.

When I first saw this book I thought that the cover was very appealing as it features Tanya herself and it looks very girly which I personally like. The spine is again very girly and she has used a beautiful font which is pink and it says 'Tanya Burr Love Tanya' it would look so pretty on your vanity or bedside table.

The inside of the books features so many topics such as stories from Tanya's childhood, Beauty, Hair, Skin Care, Baking and YouTube. There are more topics featured in the book but I figured it would take a long time to list and speak about them all.

Throughout the book, there are some lovely photographs of Tanya, she looks stunning in all of them! I found it interesting to read about her childhood and the story of how she met her fiance Jim was really sweet. The beauty sections would be helpful for a beauty novice, a lot of the content I already knew however there are some areas which I myself will continue to go back to. 

Overall I think that this is a lovely book for any female to purchase however I think younger teenagers would benefit from it a lot more as there are sections to write down your favourite songs etc, which personally doesn't appeal to me. Love Tanya is very affordable which is another plus side to this book.

I hope this review was helpful to you weather you already own this book and wanted someone else's opinion or if you are on the fence about buying it. Please comment your opinions of this book below I would love to know what you think, or comment if you have any recommendations on other beauty books you guys enjoy.

Thank you for reading,
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