Fleur De Force: The Glam Guide Review

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Recently I have been on the hunt for beauty books as I am wanting to learn as much as I can about beauty, Skincare etc. Plus I thought that they would be something I will keep going back to.I had a little look on Amazon and saw that Fleur De Force had released her own beauty book, I watch her videos quite a lot and thought I would purchase it. It came in the post yesterday so I haven't read it all but I have has a flick through and so far I am really enjoying it.

First of all the front cover is very appealing to the eye, it is very girly and classy. One of the the things that drew me to this particular book is that Fleur wrote it herself. 

The Glam Guide is extremely well written and it has beautiful illustrations and photographs. it doesn't just involve beauty tips but it also give you tips on Fashion; Hair, Health & Fitness, Body Image, Relationships and also tips for people who are wanting to create their own blog or YouTube channel.

 I think that the only downside is I wish that there were more pictures of Fleur herself for example, It would have been nice to see her put together outfits using the key pieces she talks about in the fashion chapter. Other than that I loved this book and I would recommend it to every girl who wants to buy their first beauty book for an affordable price.

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