My Top 3 Makeup Dupes

Hello Lovelies,

Many people are constantly wanting to try the most 'in' makeup. Unfortunately the popular makeup is normally the pricey makeup. Luckily many people including myself search for the near - perfect dupes.
So here goes...

1. Bioderma  - alcohol free cleanser & makeup remover.
This product is well - loved in the beauty community but unfortunately it comes with a large price tag. It retails at £ 18.90. Thankfully Garnier have a product which is a perfect dupe which I personally use. It does the exact same for a fraction of the price. The Garnier Micellar Water retails for just £4.99!

2. Nars - Orgasm Blush
Unfortunately it has a rather hefty price tag. This blush retails at £22.50. Don't panic because Milani have a VERY good dupe in luminosio this retails at only $8.99

Last but certainly not least & my personal favorite...

3. Benefit - They're Real Mascara
Is a favourite of mine and basically every makeup lover out there but if you are like myself, you will not love the price tag that comes with it. This mascara retails at £19.50 which will break your bank as it will only last around 6 weeks!
Thankfully MAXFactor have an AMAZING dupe called False Lash Effect this retails at £10 not a huge save but deffinetly worth getting as it is just as good if not better than the benefit they're real as it doesn't clump your lashes to the extreme. Deffinetly worth a try if you ask me!

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